Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bizarre Sunday... and a Lizard?

I'm remembering this Sunday (June 27, 2010). I just had the not-so-nice Sunday of my life.

Personally, I really think that a Sunday is suppose to be a happy day, right? Because first of all there's no class since it's a weekend, and the fact that you get to rest your tired body from the grueling activities in school during the weekdays. I am actually looking forward to a great, peaceful, and relaxing weekend in order to ease my senses, but how can I afford that expectation if things are not going my way. Am I right, or am I right?

I often wake up irritated every Sunday morning because of my bad sleeping habit. However, today I felt light and happy as I woke up just a few moments ago, and I was really surprised. We went to church early in the morning to attend mass, and honestly, I COULDN'T pay attention to what the father has been telling the people because my attention span is as short as short shorts (WTH?!). Anyway, the truth is, my brother and I keeps on goofing around (why am I always using this term?! LOL!).

We caught sight of a girl in the church, who happens to be one of the little sisters (triplets actually) of my brother's friend. She has an angelic features which made her pleasing to our eyes. We were so amazed of how independent and behave she acted in the church. She's kind of holy if you will see her. She wears decent clothes (unlike the other girls in the church who looks slutty in their outfits). She kneels in the floor, not in the kneeling cushion, enduring the pain. She pays attention to what the father has been telling. Every time I see her, she makes me realize how imperfect, immature, and bad I am as God's child. Every time I see her, it makes me want to cry and I don't know why. There's an incident where they (including her sisters) knelt wupon receiving the holy host. I was like "Wow! I can't believe such people exists!" My brother and I call people like them "swabe," meaning "cool to be true." I actually wanna be like them because of their spontaneity. And up to now, I can't get over it.

After that, we proceeded to SM Bicutan because I plan this day as my haircut day. My mom and I went to Going Straight Salon for haircut. I actually explained to the fag hairdresser/barber the kind of hairstyle I want to achieve. I told him that not to cut my hair really short, only trim the excessive hair, which covers my ears. I actually told him that the length of my hair is okay, and should not be cut anymore. I also told him not to use a razor, and that the former hairdresser, who cut my hair before, used only a pair of scissors in cutting my hair. And yet he used a razor! And the worst, he cut my hair really short that made my face look bigger! I also hate what he did to the back part of my hair, it's kind of filthy in my eyes. Moreover, he's like complaining that I should cut it in a "barber's cut" way. Like what does he care, right?! I just hate that fag guy! He ruined my hair, and now I have a bad hair day!

Actually, he was also the one who did my mom's hair... and my mom was infuriated after that because he cut it too short than what my mother has told him. He doesn't listen to what his clients are instructing him despite the fact that they are being paid in a huge amount of money. By the way he's a newbie and I want him fired (if only I have the power to)!

After that incident we went to eat at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria. I was really hungry and upset after what happened to our hairs. We ordered Messicana and Bacon & Mushroom pizzas and told us to wait for FIFTEEN MINUTES. We waited for fifteen minutes... and another fifteen minutes, that's THIRTY MINUTES of waiting!!! For me, it's alright to wait that long, but since my brother is in a hurry for his nursing review class, which will take place in the afternoon, we need to be home immediately. I, being the youngest in the family, can never complain nor whine when the elders "asked" me to demand our orders because it's taking a lot of time. And I found out that their oven toaster was damaged for some minutes that pended our orders! They didn't informed us that they're having a problem in their kitchen that made us wait stupidly unaware of what was happening to our orders. And since their pizzas are delicious, we just forgave them.

When we got home, it's freakin' hot like hell!!! And I tried doing a blog about Leah Dizon, but the "html something" seems damaged... thrice! So I got really annoyed and deleted that post of mine! Grrr! Probably I'll remake that blog soon when I return to my calm and peaceful self. I just hate it when things are not going as what I expect it to turn out.

And of course, before I forget to tell everybody, we actually found an iguana-like lizard in our window. It was really bizarre because I never imagine a weird specie would be found sticking in our window. It looks like an iguana, a smaller version. It's color yellow, has a long tail, and has fins.

(It's this one. And I don't exactly know what it is.
If you happen to know, please tell me. Thanks!)


  1. dapat hinuli mo..baka new species of lizard yan..haha

  2. BTW, Mike alam mo bang pinakawalan na namin yung iguana kasi nalulungkot syang nakakulong sa basket ng japan bike namin. Kaya ayun, I think he needs his freedom!!! hahahaha!

  3. Something's wrong with the picture, that's why I opt to remove it.