Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year, New Title, New Me.

It's been so long since I've not updated my blog. I did have a lot of ideas for my blog, yet because of my busy schedule, I tend to forget what I wanted to write.

Well, to start all over again (and since it will be new year 2011 in a couple of days), I decided to eventually change the title of my blog from "Simple Life" to "My Random Life" (and now I think I wanted it to be "The Random Me.")
I don't think "Simple Life" suites me because I'm an idealistic person. I've always wanted to achieve many things--SUCCESS is what I aim for--which I don't think describes the term "simple." And besides, most of my blogs are of random topics.

And if you will notice under the title, it says "Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win" by Bernadette Devlin. It is one of my favorite mottoes because it inspires me a lot to be stronger and get a grip to whatever circumstances that I'm facing, the fact that I'm reaching the stage of adulthood.

And just a couple of minutes ago, after changing my title to "My Random Life," I suddenly realize that it's not my life that is random. It is actually me, so after publishing this post, I'll be updating the title of my blog again to "The Random Me." And now I have the perfect and most suitable title for my blog. (See how random my mind could be? LOL!)

So you'll be expecting more random stuffs from me. (^_^)d

And before I forget, I want to greet everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!

Para el mundo hispano, yo también quiero saludar a una Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Weight Gain Story

During the whole 3 weeks of our Semester break, I actually tried to improve my physique. And here's my story...

I'm actually an ectomorph, a physical condition where you have this small body frame, and you appear really thin. YEP! That's how my body appears. Before, I'm actually 106-107 lbs in weight, which is pretty disproportional for my height (5'5 1/2") and age (never mind. LOL!). Well bottom line is, I'm underweight and it has been hard for me to gain some weight because I have a really fast metabolism--more on catabolism I would say.

(These are all the body types...)

Being in the industry where you get to become a frontliner in the future (events organizers, cabin crews, tour guides, attendants, etc.) made me want to look even better, more proportional. So I took Nutrimeal Wild Strawberry Protein Shake by USANA (which costs 1,500.00 php each) for 10 days during my vacation, and started to do some minor exercises (I couldn't possibly weight barbells--too heavy for me) like pilates, stretching, crunches, and dumbbell exercises. The said product actually has 2 purpose--either you lose or gain weight, but in my case, it would be for weight gain.

(Nutrimeal Protein Shake by USANA in 4 different flavors)

I took Nutrimeal twice a day (after breakfast and after dinner). I sometimes blend it with melons or bananas with milk, but I drink it plain more often (and it tastes... ugh!--intolerable even if it is strawberry-flavored, especially if it isn't blended with crushed ice). But of course I wanted to gain weight that's why I have to bear with its blandness. I also started eating 5 times a day (more on carbs).

So after 10 days, I gained like 6 or 7 lbs, thus making my weight 112-113 lbs! HURRAY!!! By the way, I was just informed that this was the same product Paris Hilton is using to stay normal (well she looks anorexic to me). LOL!

So there you have it, my weight gain story of success. WHUT?! LOL!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Journey to PANAHON...

...Experience Transitions and Live beyond Expectations! (c/o Aldrin Palad)

Who could ever forget this tag line? It has always been reverberating in my head for about 2 or 3 months I think.

(This was our logo for the event c/o Jeni Ramos)

It has been 2 weeks since the much-awaited and most-anticipated event of the year (self proclaimed. LOL!), PANAHON, was held at Le Pavillon (8th of October, 2010).

Organizing an event, especially that everybody's a newbie in the Events Management field, is a tough one. We hardly knew what to do and we're always caught unaware. This was actually the highlight of our first semester as a tourism student in UST.

During the first month of preparation, different positions (from lowest to highest) were distributed among us (and I was actually an organizing committee head--administrative). At first, most of us really didn't know the duties and responsibilities for that certain position, making us all unaware of how to manage and manipulate things. But as time passed by, we eventually discovered for ourselves what we're supposed to be doing.

How did we conceptualize on such event? Well it turned out to be a mere accident. Originally, we have "Broadway," "Premiere Night," "Beauty Pageant," "Theme Park," and even the most unimaginable, "Space Tourism" in our minds, but when someone brought up a topic about a certain climate (I just forgot how it happened, as well as the details), then an idea eventually popped up that why not the 4 seasons? And thus, "PANAHON" was born.

(0ur ad c/o Jeni Ramos)

Before the event itself, we've encountered a lot of challenges which nearly made all of us devastated and unmotivated. And when I say there were a lot, I really mean A LOT.

It's actually funny to remember how the class was really arguing about the design/style/color of our attires (gowns for the girls and barongs for the boys) because of the diversity of our class, resulting to the clashing of ideas. And there even came a point where some cried, quarreled, and grudged because of the... ATTIRE! (LOL!) ...until we all agreed to this one:

(Our attire. Fancy, isn't it? Got this from
Jessica Madridejos)

But that's not the gravest.

The gravest challenge would be the postponement of our event which was supposed to be on the 10th of September, however due to PNoy's (I know. What a nickname, right?! It's so pedestrian! LOL!) declaration that the said date would be a non-working holiday, do we have a choice? I mean it's not like we can protest to have it moved to another day just for the sake of our event, right? Though we actually tried to fight for it, still we were moved to the 8th of October (the last one to have an event for the 1st semester). I couldn't forget that incident because many of us did cry. We all thought that everything was settled (well, partly), and that we'll be the first one (among the many classes) to hold an event, however because of such incident, it's like the end of the world for our class...and we were all left heartbroken. The sleepless nights, the preparation, the procrastination, the skipping of classes, the stress, the preparation of letters (c/o Angel Lantin and me), and our efforts were disregarded in just a blink of an eye.

(During our overnight @ OIC's place with our balots!)

But as the saying goes, "The show must go on."

Our class is known for being resilient in times of hardships. After such incident, brokenhearted and unmotivated we may be, we tried "very very hard!" (c/o Garet Yambao LOL!) to bring the excitement and the spirit of PANAHON back again! We tried to be optimistic--at least we can prepare more and end the event with a bang! Something they would never forget. And 4 days before our event, we were all busy as honeybees again--making our props (markers, delegate pins, etc.), going to divisoria for the boys' shoes and other things, confirming the reservation for our venue (Le Pavillon), as well as the caterer (VS&F), helping out in script-making for the hosts, finalizing the souvenir kits, selling baller bands for our beneficiaries, and many more!

(These were our delegate pins in 4 designs--Autumn,
Summer, Spring, and Winter)

(Souvenir kits. Inside are tumbler, pen, brochures from DOT,
PANAHON pin, and our primer)

(These are our I Support Panahon Baller Bands, available
in 2 color--black and transparent. 30 php each)

What I will also not forget is our ingress. It was so tiring yet so much fun! A night before our event, all of us went to Le Pavillon to set everything up--the tables and chairs, the stage, lights, and LED (if I'm not mistaken, we were actually the first one to use it in events management class. Cool, right?), the exhibit, rehearsals, and the plan. We didn't have our sleep for this one (I think. LOL!) That night was like draining all our energy and our youthfulness. We were all "haggard," dizzy, and insane? And as the dawn arrived, we were running all over the place, updating and finishing what was supposed to be done. It was nerve-wracking! And as the event proper approaches, a lot of problems arose--late hair and make-up artists, souvenir kit malfunction (is it the right term?), unfinished markers, and the class presentation (which we did not push through in the end due to time constrain). Though it turned out well in the end (Thank God!)

Here are some photos of our ingress: (c/o Faye Aranes)

2 hours before the event proper, we all got dressed up, the ladies were receiving makeovers from Modify, double-checking everything, doing some rehearsals, orienting the ushers, checking the bgm's and the videos, mic tests, finalizing the exhibit as well as the souvenir kits...we're 98% ready!

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... PANAHON starts...

Guests are starting to arrive. The promotional videos of our sponsors are now being played. And all of us are all on our posts now. This is it. This is now our time to show everyone all our efforts, the fruit of our labors, and sacrifices.

It's 2pm, yet there were still lots of vacant seats. We're all getting worried (the fact that there are students who weren't allowed by their professors to go to our event due to the final examinations happening two days after our event). But still, we should continue our event no matter what happens. After an hour or two, I couldn't believe it! The event was already full of people! It was really motivating that all of us did our best even though little problems occurred during the event proper like "missing video," which created a dead-air, awkward moment on the first part of the event, guests complaining of their designated seats (due to some shifting), some guests weren't allowed to enter the venue for disobeying the dress code, and some other little things, but because of the creativeness of the program and the jaw-dropping set-up, those "minor problems" were compensated.

What caught the audience's attention was, I think, the performance of Amazing Philippines (the transsexual performers, who performed a nice cultural dance of Korea), the presence of Mr. Dick Gordon, who gave an uplifting and enlightening talk, and the Winter fashion show (c/o of Mitch Desunia), and take note: with snow effect, the dramatic part of the program where ordinary individuals serving UST were given recognition, and of course the brilliance and wit of our hosts, Joyce Navoa, Garet Yambao, and Hope Velasco. Those were really applauded by the audience!

(The Amazing Philippines performing a Korean cultural dance)

(with Mr. Dick Gordon, one of our speakers)

(Our beneficiaries with their heart-warming stories, receiving
recognition in the celebration of UST's 400th year.)

I can attest that the "PANAHON" event, indeed, ended with a BANG! Many people were congratulating us, saying how beautiful and creative our event was. Sir Win even said that our event was AMAZING! (as well as the MTA and Turimasino--events by our fellow batchmates, 3T3 and 3T4). Every hardship and sacrifices were paid-off. The last part of the program was a bit emotional in our part, seeing that the even was a success! Although we didn't have a "prepared" class presentation, we had a very active participation in the simultaneously clapping. LOL! But seriously, it was still moving and a moment to remember. Congratulations everyone! We did a great job!!!

(during our 'class presentation' c/o Mich Mendoza)

Feel the Breeze

Catch the Fall

Witness the Bloom

and Beat the Heat

as class 3T5 brings you:

PANAHON: Experience Transitions and Live Beyond Expectations!

  • Images got from my classmates.
  • PANAHON facebook:

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yes. I'm turning 19 years old this 20th of September, 2010.

I'm not really sure if I feel happy or even excited because I'm the kind of person who doesn't appreciate his own birthday (well somehow). But hey, I do appreciate those people around me who greets me "Happy Birthday!" and some even give gifts on my "special" day (riiight!).

Every year, I know it's normal for people to add one year of their lives through their birthdays, but in my case, it somehow gives me a bit of depression because I do think that being a year older means being more responsible in my every action. I can't be a kid anymore (and it breaks my heart!). LOL!

As my birthday approaches, every birthday of mine starts to flashback (like it'll be my last day on earth. LOL!), and I can't believe how time flew so fast. I can't believe that I'm in a state where I have to embrace the world of adults! Being a birthday boy way back, I remember my parents throwing me a small party at home, which I did look forward to. I remember my friends getting all dressed up and visiting my kiddie party, completed with kiddie tables and chairs, balloons, gifts, games, and food of course! Being a kid, I always felt really excited on celebrating my birthday, but as I grow up, I come to a realization that it may not be fun anymore. LOL!

(This was my 2nd birthday. I know I look like a girl,
but believe me, it's me. LOL!)

(This was my 5th birthday. See how big my smile was!--FAKE! LOL!)

You know what bothers me?

The fact that I'll look older. When you're old, people will expect something big, something grand, and something big (again) from you! They will expect you to act your age, to become more mature, even if you don't feel it! And also, you get to develop zits, wrinkles, eye bags, and all those imperfections you acquire as a growing person--PARANOID! (SIGH!)

Oh well, in two days, I'll be a year older. It is inevitable, and I just have to learn to accept it. By the way, don't get me wrong people. I'm not against of being old (it's kind of abnormal and insane, I know!), I'm just being sentimental for the fact that I'm turning 19!!! Sure I'm gonna miss my childhood to teenage days.

After this year, I'll be 20! (YIKES!) It only means that I really am not a kid anymore--that I have to act professional and be more serious. Being in that age range for me, means to struggle hard--get a job, earn lotsa' money, be stable, and start a family?! (GULP! 0_o)

SIGH. Happy Birthday to me! (or is it a happy one?) LOL!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why can't I think of anything to write?

You'd probably think that my title above is weird, or you'd probably say "What the?!?" upon reading it. But yes, I really can't think of anything to write! I actually promised myself that I will publish my blog weekly, and suddenly, here I am, can't think of anything to write... staring at my monitor, typing anything that pops out of my mind, without really thinking of an interesting topic to blog.

Now I feel like a nonsense person trying to say what's on my mind! (Facebook cliche, eh?) Funny isn't it? But the truth is, my mind's like manipulating every fingers of my hands, both from left and right. At this very moment, I imagine Plankton being in my brain and trying to control what my mind should think, like 'write everything what's on my mind now.' (I think I'm just seeing a lot of Spongebob on TV! LOL!)

Now what?

Believe me, I just stopped for a minute because I really don't know what to write!!! I know that I'm a potential writer, but what's happening to me?!? Where's my creativity?! My ideas?! Goodness gracious!!! Am I starting to rust? (PARANOID!!!)

Oh well, I think I'm just not in my real state of self today. And as a matter of fact, I have a friggin' colds, which makes me drowsy every now and then, and not concentrate on the things that I should be doing like reading The Lying Tongue by Andrew Wilson (It's really a good book! Trust me.)

Now I suddenly thought of a possible answer of my current dilemma--Preliminary Exam Exhaustion!!! We just ended up our prelims exam last Friday, and I think my brain is still ripped off from over-studying (or did I really over-studied?! LOL!). And until now, it hasn't recuperated from that extortion. But what can I do? I'm oblige to ace those exams that's why I need to burn the midnight oil! Oh well, the damage has been done, and I can't do anything about it! LOL!

Now I feel like a person lost his sanity as I write these sentiments of mine. LOL! Now my message to my blog site would be: "I'm having a complicated situation now dealing with my brain dysfunction, but I'll get back to you!" (Very tour guide! LOL!)

Ironically, I've come up with a blog content from my dysfunctional brain!!! Woohoo!!! (Riiight! -_-)

(...and what's with all the "LOL's?!?" It's too many! Oh well... How weird of me noticing that! ^o^)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The mysticism of Mhay's Shoes

I never realized how a pair of shoes would affect my psychological make-up the entire day.

It happened a week ago when I attended a seminar for journalism (where we met F. Sionil as I've mentioned in my previous blog). Last Saturday, under the not-so-burning heat of the morning sun, all CJ's (that's how CTHM Journal members are addressed) were waiting for everybody to come. I actually came the last minute, as well as my friend/classmate/CJ-mate, Ms. Charmaine Orejola, Mhay for short (but she's waaay late than me. LOL!). Until she arrived with her Korean-looking attire, matching her innocent look and modest gestures. But wait... There is something wrong with her attire, (...browsing...) it's her SHOES!!! Look, I'm not really into minding others' style, it's just that her shoes is making me lose my sanity because I think it's kind off... different? Take a look:

Other people may perceive this pair of shoes as normal as the other shoes, or others might not even mind it at all, but not me. I consider myself having a so-called "Obsessive Compulsive Behavior" (not Disorder because I'm still normal, right?). Going on... Apparently, it affected my psychological make-up that whole day. It may be weird, but I really can't help myself minding it every time I get a glimpse of it. If you just saw me that day, I was starring at it and really focusing to it with my straight face like a totally crazy person.

I asked her "Anong trip mo?!" (What's with you?!), then she told me that she have two pairs of that same style of shoes but different in color, and she wanted to experiment on how people would react to it if she'll wear both colors (isn't it Mhay?). And I believe I reacted too much to the extent that my eyes are utterly glued to it (I just can't help it! LOL!), and I'd say she succeeded in her experiment (especially to me! O_o).

Oh well, the power of her shoes to distort people's mind is still a mystery for me (or is it?). LOL!

By the way, this blog is dedicated to Charmaine Orejola (Mhay) because she wanted exposure?!? Just kidding! LOL! V(^o^)V

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning from F. Sionil Jose, a National Artist for Literature

I am now a full-pledge feature writer of the CTHM Journal. (^o^)\m/

Yesterday, I attended a conference/workshop regarding us, being a writer in our respective colleges. There were lots of interesting speakers, and one of them is my favorite--Francisco Sionil-Jose, a National Artist for Literature, and a proud Thomasian.

(I apologize for the not-so-professional shot. It's only
from a 3.15 MP camera phone. Zoomed in.)

F. Sionil was the one who wrote "The God Stealer" (a story about an Igorot named Philip Latak who stole their God), which was once our reading assignment in Literature class. He was actually the former teacher of my Literature professor (Sir Timothy Sanchez), and I find it really cool that I met him. At first, I never thought that the big ol' man sitting in the stage was actually him because he wore simple clothes and a "writer's cap." He's really old that he addressed himself as an "octogenarian." And that surprised me because he still manages to engage in this kind of activity despite of being 80+ years old. Judging by his face, I'd say he's a pro because he has these big eye bags, meaning, he writes a lot for the past decades! For his age, he is still perky and he connects with us, which makes him really likable. He shared to us his adventures. Unbelievably, he had traveled in every part of the globe like (if my memory serves me right) Brazil, Japan, Tibet, Russia, the whole Philippines, and lots more. He also shared to us his achievements like receiving numerous awards.

According to F. Sionil, writers are not rich. And jokingly, he said to us that "if you want to be a writer, find a rich husband/wife first!" Being a writer means you have to be dedicated to what you are doing despite the hindrances that may occur. It's actually a serious job. He even told a student not to dream of becoming a writer if he's not wealthy. He also said to us that he is thankful for having an understanding family because of the career he has chosen. He wasn't even a good provider to his family (but his wife! LOL!). But after a masterpiece has been created, it is the time you come to realize that it is indeed a fulfilling career. It's the passion that drives you to achieve your goals no matter how hard it is.

He shared to us his experience of being a writer who travels. When he was in riding a train in Shinjuku, he was crying. Crying because according to him, he knows that his heart is lost in Shinjuku. It was actually in the epilogue of his novel entitled "Ermita." He read to us part of it, and it was really touching.

When he ended his talk, we were so fortunate to have a picture taken with Mr. Francisco Sionil-Jose. It was an honor for me to be able to listen to his talk.

(When he was presented a plaque of appreciation)

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sudden Realization

I do believe that in every goodness of a person, there is something bad or evil in him. Seriously, we are bad in nature and that's A FACT even if you deny it. At first, I was in denial, but there came a point which I learned to embrace those flaws, those failures--I just had a sudden realization.

This week is what I consider as my "conscientious week" or "the week of enlightenment" because of the realizations that I just had.


For the past couple of years, I lived with the notion that I looked really ugly because of the celebrities I see in TV. They had actually emphasized my flaws, which made me more insecure of the beautiful people I encounter everyday. That's why I started questioning myself, why don't I have that chiseled nose, perfectly white teeth, and a nice lean lips? WHY OH WHY?! I know I've been watching too much TV which made me conceptualize the idea of hyperreality in my mind. Because of that influence, my mindset was like "I will definitely undergo plastic surgery in the future because I want to have a perfect looking face just like the people I see in TV." I've been telling it to my friends, however they always contradict that belief of mine.

I've been making a study of how it is done--if it hurts, fatal, or whatsoever. I've been inspiring myself of the many Korean celebrities who undergo plastic surgery in order to look perfect in the eyes of the society. I even thought of having it done in Korea so I'd look like one of them. I've been so obsessed of how I really wanted to look like.

One Monday dusk, I tried looking in the mirror and talked to myself of things that I really wanted to happen. I tried asking myself, "why do you always compare yourself to others?" I tried assessing myself by negating my present belief. And from that question, I started realizing that I'm such a low life creep. I told myself, "why not challenge yourself and prove that success doesn't depend on how people looks like," right? It's like looking into the bright side.

Come to think of it, instead of comparing myself to others, why not appreciate what my capabilities are, and the things that I have that others don't? It's just like reversing my perspective. I may not be physically favorable in the industry that I chose, but I do know for sure that my personality, wit, and enthusiasm would definitely compensate that flaw (if it is considered as one). And from that realization, I started appreciating what I have and accepted what the reality wants for me.


I've been a blabbermouth. I've been talking too much that could offend the people around me. I thought of that because of an incident which happened yesterday (Friday) on my way back home. And I felt really guilty.

I always go home together with a friend. And we always talk of things--sensible, nonsense, hilarious, and anything under the sun. I do the talking and blabbing most of the time, and sometimes, my mouth was like a vehicle with no brakes--UNCONTROLLABLE. Some people may praise me for that, but some also are annoyed and even offended. The thing is, whenever I start to talk, it flows spontaneously to the extent that it's hard for me to stop. It's inevitable! Anyway, why am I digressing to my story?!

...So on my way home, my friend and I rode a jeepney, and all of a sudden, this old lady with injured arm boarded in the jeepney. She reached paid her fare saying "Manong bayad ho, Buendia lang" She actually pronounced the "Buendia" as "Bwen-ja," which, of course, got my attention, and started to give comment to my friend like the lady wasn't there. I told my friend, "why are some people mispronouncing 'Buendia?' Can't they pronounce it as 'Buwen-dee-yah?'" I didn't realize that the lade heard me. The old lady told me "Sorry ha. 'Buwen-dee-yah!'" and I quickly told the lady, "No. I was actually pertaining to her (my friend) father." Like what the heck?! What a lame excuse for a very obvious situation.

Honestly I felt really guilty. That incident made me realize of how insensitive I am to my surrounding, and that talking about or pointing out people's little mistakes is no good. And that "controlling one's self" should be my new virtue (Whaaat??!).

ME AND MY BIG (literally? LOL!) & STUPID MOUTH!!! The next time I'll talk (or should I say blab) again, I'll just say to myself: "Shut Up, Carl! And zip your lips!" >:-O

Saturday, July 10, 2010

As Busy as Honeybees

The pressure is on.

Being a 3rd year college student is no far from being a worker because of our EVENTS MANAGEMENT. It is actually the highlight of our first semester because it is gravely serious--and I mean it. And yeah, we feel like career persons because most of us are appointed with titles and positions for this event, only that we don't have a salary. It's like we are doing this for the sake of getting an A+. Our grade greatly depends on this event that's why we are trying our very best to meet the expectations, not only of our teacher, Sir Arnel, but also the (future) guests as well. And now, we are like honeybees, buzzing around, very busy when it comes to planning and preparations.

I was appointed as the Administrative Committee Head, and it is not just as simple as many would think. Being one of the head means taking the burdens of the minor committees such as the personnel and logistic. Though the final say will be on the Chairperson, still I have to do some decision making before I propose it to him. It's not easy deciding because you have to take note of the external and internal factors that might affect the outcome of the event proper.

Well I'm not going to be a blabbermouth and squeal the information of our event. So it's still confidential, but after the event, I may post in my blog the happenings of our event.

Yesterday, when I took my siesta, I dreamt of our events. I was really surprised that in my dream, we are not taking the flow of the program seriously. Everything's not in accordance to our plan! We were fooling around like little kids and everything was a mess. When I woke up, I said to my self, it's a NIGHTMARE! So guys (3T5), if you are reading this. Let's not let this happen, let's not turn our event into chaos, alright?

Good Luck to us then.

By the way, at this moment (1:30 pm, July 10, 2010, Saturday), our event proposal is now SOLID! Ta ta!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amazing Race EARTH-UST version

(Sorry, the "T" was cut from the picture!)

Yesterday (Saturday, 07-04-10)
I had an amazing morning together with the EARTH-UST members. We had our first General Assembly and everything was unexpected. It was my first time joining University-wide organizations for a change, and for me to meet new friends from other colleges. I actually joined three organizations which is Red Cross Youth, Yoga Club, and this EARTH-UST. Another reason why I joined EARTH-UST is because I honestly want to be more aware of what's happening in our environment, and I also want to contribute in preserving it. When I saw their year-list of activities, I was really excited because of the many field trips (more on nature exposure) that they are organizing. I really think it's fun.

In the morning, I never thought that they will be grouping us by thirteens or fourteens, and I was separated from my friends. They're actually group mates, and I was alone in another group. But it didn't hinder me from making new friends. I tried to be more natural, which I think I did, and I had new friends from different colleges and from CTHM as well. I was really surprised to find out that a group mate from CTHM was from 1H2--the class which we conducted the campus tour, no wonder he's familiar. So after the groupings, we ended up naming ourselves Orange Tigers (veeery unique! LOL!), finding out that we are having an Amazing Race EARTH-UST version. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a handkerchief or a face towel.

The race was really fun, though the heat of the sun was intense and the running was very tiring. We have to run to different places in the University and perform challenges, just like the real Amazing Race, only that ours is much easier and of course we didn't need to ride an airplane. LOL! I won't forget the challenge where I performed it myself, the "bouncing-of-soccer-ball-in-my-elbow challenge!" I know I'm not a sporty person, but I did manage to do it. It was insane, actually, that I had to run really fast just to catch the ball using my elbow. Moving on, I think the hardest challenge would be the "finding-the-plant-using-their-scientific-names-as-a-clue challenge" (whew! That's long!). It's hard because some plants are somehow hidden in the Botanical Garden that a person would have to be really keen in finding it. We also did ticklers using recycled materials, learned different types of plastics (though it really did not register in my mind), and many more. Now we're on our way to become environmentalists! LOL!

I believe that those challenges were preparations or rather an introduction to what we will be expecting in the upcoming meetings, and I really think it's fun, only that it won't be a hindrance to my very hectic schedule, the fact that I'm a 3rd year college now. Toodles!!!

(me and my friends in this event)

*Images got from Angela Faye Arañes

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Bizarre Sunday... and a Lizard?

I'm remembering this Sunday (June 27, 2010). I just had the not-so-nice Sunday of my life.

Personally, I really think that a Sunday is suppose to be a happy day, right? Because first of all there's no class since it's a weekend, and the fact that you get to rest your tired body from the grueling activities in school during the weekdays. I am actually looking forward to a great, peaceful, and relaxing weekend in order to ease my senses, but how can I afford that expectation if things are not going my way. Am I right, or am I right?

I often wake up irritated every Sunday morning because of my bad sleeping habit. However, today I felt light and happy as I woke up just a few moments ago, and I was really surprised. We went to church early in the morning to attend mass, and honestly, I COULDN'T pay attention to what the father has been telling the people because my attention span is as short as short shorts (WTH?!). Anyway, the truth is, my brother and I keeps on goofing around (why am I always using this term?! LOL!).

We caught sight of a girl in the church, who happens to be one of the little sisters (triplets actually) of my brother's friend. She has an angelic features which made her pleasing to our eyes. We were so amazed of how independent and behave she acted in the church. She's kind of holy if you will see her. She wears decent clothes (unlike the other girls in the church who looks slutty in their outfits). She kneels in the floor, not in the kneeling cushion, enduring the pain. She pays attention to what the father has been telling. Every time I see her, she makes me realize how imperfect, immature, and bad I am as God's child. Every time I see her, it makes me want to cry and I don't know why. There's an incident where they (including her sisters) knelt wupon receiving the holy host. I was like "Wow! I can't believe such people exists!" My brother and I call people like them "swabe," meaning "cool to be true." I actually wanna be like them because of their spontaneity. And up to now, I can't get over it.

After that, we proceeded to SM Bicutan because I plan this day as my haircut day. My mom and I went to Going Straight Salon for haircut. I actually explained to the fag hairdresser/barber the kind of hairstyle I want to achieve. I told him that not to cut my hair really short, only trim the excessive hair, which covers my ears. I actually told him that the length of my hair is okay, and should not be cut anymore. I also told him not to use a razor, and that the former hairdresser, who cut my hair before, used only a pair of scissors in cutting my hair. And yet he used a razor! And the worst, he cut my hair really short that made my face look bigger! I also hate what he did to the back part of my hair, it's kind of filthy in my eyes. Moreover, he's like complaining that I should cut it in a "barber's cut" way. Like what does he care, right?! I just hate that fag guy! He ruined my hair, and now I have a bad hair day!

Actually, he was also the one who did my mom's hair... and my mom was infuriated after that because he cut it too short than what my mother has told him. He doesn't listen to what his clients are instructing him despite the fact that they are being paid in a huge amount of money. By the way he's a newbie and I want him fired (if only I have the power to)!

After that incident we went to eat at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria. I was really hungry and upset after what happened to our hairs. We ordered Messicana and Bacon & Mushroom pizzas and told us to wait for FIFTEEN MINUTES. We waited for fifteen minutes... and another fifteen minutes, that's THIRTY MINUTES of waiting!!! For me, it's alright to wait that long, but since my brother is in a hurry for his nursing review class, which will take place in the afternoon, we need to be home immediately. I, being the youngest in the family, can never complain nor whine when the elders "asked" me to demand our orders because it's taking a lot of time. And I found out that their oven toaster was damaged for some minutes that pended our orders! They didn't informed us that they're having a problem in their kitchen that made us wait stupidly unaware of what was happening to our orders. And since their pizzas are delicious, we just forgave them.

When we got home, it's freakin' hot like hell!!! And I tried doing a blog about Leah Dizon, but the "html something" seems damaged... thrice! So I got really annoyed and deleted that post of mine! Grrr! Probably I'll remake that blog soon when I return to my calm and peaceful self. I just hate it when things are not going as what I expect it to turn out.

And of course, before I forget to tell everybody, we actually found an iguana-like lizard in our window. It was really bizarre because I never imagine a weird specie would be found sticking in our window. It looks like an iguana, a smaller version. It's color yellow, has a long tail, and has fins.

(It's this one. And I don't exactly know what it is.
If you happen to know, please tell me. Thanks!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Rise of Plastics

Imagine being in a world full of gorgeous people. Doesn't it feels like heaven?

The world today sees beautiful people in a different way. And when I say beautiful, I refer to both men and women. Many would probably agree that if a person has a chiseled nose, voluptuous lips, perfectly white teeth, glowing and blemish-free skin (disregarding the color), sexy body, perfect jawline, they would say that he/she is gorgeous. Aesthetically speaking, they are really perfect, I would say.

Because of this notion, people desires to have an Angelina Jolie-like or Tom Cruise-like face. Even I am guilty of being envious of those people who are perfect in the eyes of the society. And from this desire, the world has gave way to the rise of Plastics by undergoing Plastic Surgery, as well as my interest on that notion.

As a growing teen, I am really into Plastic Surgery for the fact that I see myself ugly during those times (since I don't have a chiseled-like nose and perfectly white teeth), and envious to the people I see in television (especially those Korean guys). In fact I even made a study of it as my term paper back when I was in third year high school. I was actually influenced by media and the reality TV show called "Extreme Makeover," where the participants undergo Plastic Surgery to become beautiful and acceptable in the society, especially in the United States where many young people are so obsessed of being beautiful or handsome. They are so conscious of their appearance that some go under the knife.

(She was an Extreme Makeover participant)

Speaking of Korean stars, if I'm not mistaken, they have the most number of people undergoing Plastic Surgery. I even read in an article that by the time they reach 16 years old, their parents are actually the ones who are forcing them to go under the knife. Can you believe it?! And for the record, I think that majority of the Korean stars had undergone Plastic Surgery that's why they really look so attractive.

(Park Min Young)

(Hyo Yeon of Girls Generation)

Because of Korea's obsession for an aesthetically-enhanced beauty, they had coined the term "ulzzang," meaning "best face." In the internet, there have been competitions for ulzzang people, and even other nationalities like Americans, Filipinos, Chinese, and Japanese are also participating in it. Because of that popularity, many people dream of having an "ulzzang looks" because it makes them really cute, especially when they portray the innocent look, the teary-eyed look, or the pouting of lips, which became the trademark of ulzzang people. And for them, this is a stepping stone to their showbiz dream in Korea.

(An ulzzang girl with teary-eyed looks)

Not only that, Plastic Surgery has also gained popularity even in third world countries like the Philippines and Thailand. Actually Thailand became really well-known for being the most affordable when it comes to Plastic Surgery, that's why it gave way to the so-called "Medical Tourism," which boosts their tourism industry. They not only perform rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, they also perform sex change (bizarre, right?).

(The evolution of Parinya Charoenphol, a former Muay Thai star)

In the Philippines, many actors and actresses also had undergone Plastic Surgery handled by the most prominent Plastic surgeons in the country such as Dra. Vicky Belo and Drs. Manny & Pie Calayan. No wonder many local stars have those perfect face, glowing skin, and sexy body like these endorsers:

(Claudine Barreto)

(Piolo Pascual as Belo endorser)

(Katrina Halili)

(and the creator, Dra. Vicky Belo in her 50's and still looking young)

If you can notice the similarities of these aesthetically-enhanced people, they have white skin and chiseled-like nose because many Filipinos sees "white is beautiful" and I was once guilty of it. Many Filipinos have been patronizing these people because they look attractive. The tendency is that, many are using glutathione in order to be whiter and many are also undergoing rhinoplasty or nose job in order to look more mestizo. However, the cons would probably be the danger or the risk of these kind of surgery because anything that goes through the body which is unnecessary is carcinogenic, meaning, the risk of cancer is higher.

But what can we do if this is the trend in this era, right? As long as they're happy, then let's just respect them because even if they are being judged and mocked, at the end of the day they are still beautiful. Besides, undergoing Plastic Surgery will definitely boosts ones confidence and self-esteem. So I'm not against it, and probably I'll end up "going under the knife" too (when I'm rich). LOL!

(And this will probably how I will look like. LOL!)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

When I was a Tour Guide

It's been two weeks since the first day of school began. And it never occurred to me that I will be touring the freshmen around the University. And yes, I ended up being a tour guide due to a friend's request. Though I wasn't really sure of it, and I was like, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!"

Two days ago, I was really nervous because it was the first time that I'm ushering freshmen people for their orientation in the morning. I'm actually quite shy because I JUST AM. Good thing I had a partner during that time, and it made me at ease. However, he left me because he was suppose to be backstage, practicing. And I was alone ushering the section that was assigned to me (1H3). And luckily, I had a friend (who happens to be an usher as well) and the class assigned to her was next to mine. So we ended up talking and goofing around (it was really childish of us!).

The first part of the program was kind off interesting, especially the performance of the intenzyc (if I got that right) dancers. But as time goes by I felt really, really lethargic--probably it was because of the chilliness of the air conditioner and the lullaby-like speech of a certain speaker, who happens to be my former professor whom I don't want to mention for security reasons. LOL! Oh well, I don't want to talk about it.

Going back to my "tour guiding experience," we were suppose to tour the freshmen around the campus in the afternoon. But before that, during my break time, I went to see my friends and hang out with them for awhile. And when I saw my French professor with a little girl. I was really amazed whenever they converse in pure French! (o_O) I was really astounded that I wanted to sit with them and listen to what they were talking about (though I really don't understand it. LOL!).

In the afternoon, together with a tour guide friend, we returned immediately to the Medicine Auditorium to prepare ourselves. I actually had fun distributing the give-away bags to the freshmen. It was like being an attendant in a seminar or an event (are we not? LOL!).

The time has come that we tour the freshmen.

It was actually nerve-wracking at first because I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know if I'd be able to please them all. Originally, I was planning to deliver my tour as professionally as I imagine it, but I felt really FAKE, seriously. That's why I tried exuding my confidence (as what the dean had told us). Good thing I had companions. There were three of us who toured the class assigned to us, which is 1H2. Honestly, they were so reactive and energetic, and I got carried away by their cheerful personalities. My personality did change as we walk through the campus--from the serious professional to the childish me. I was light to them, and we were goofing around and laughing during the whole tour.

I won't forget the time when the student (named Maricar) cramped her feet. I didn't know what to do and we were left behind by their classmates. It was really hilarious because we actually made her sit at the gutter and tried to stretch her legs and feet. We were like paramedics! We kept on laughing because people around us were starring at us. Probably they were amused... by our mini show. LOL!

I wanted the tour to be as exciting and informative as I imagined it. And as a tour guide, I've learned that one should never make his/her clients bored, but reactive and excited because at the end of the day, you don't only earn money and gain experience, but also you gain many friends. And from that experience, it actually made me more confident and I did gain lots of friends. (^o^)

By the way, it didn't occur to me that I wanted to become a tour guide someday. And I can't imagine myself being one someday (contradicting, right?). Oh well, I just did it to gain experience. And it turned out to be memorable for me. (n_n)v

(Image c/o Camille Serrano, my friend and co-tour guide)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aklan Adventures: The Wake of My Grandmother

I'm sharing again to all of you another hair-raising experience of mine when I visited Aklan about two years ago to attend the wake of my late grandmother.

Two years ago (March 2008), we visited Aklan to celebrate Holy Week, where we always participate in the procession. During that time, my grandmother was lying in her bed, very weak, but still managed to lived despite her senility. We enjoyed our stay there, and we even went to Boracay to wind up and to tan a little. We really savored the goodness of our stay in Aklan that time. After a week, we had to return home because I still have my senior graduation practice, and I couldn't miss that one.

I had graduated and here came my summer vacation.

One afternoon, after cycling with a friend, I went straight home to relax my tired feet. When my cousin got home after some hours, she had an improtant announcement--sad and heartbreaking. My grandmother died a month after we visited her. Thus, we had to book another flight going to Aklan to attend her wake. It was a rough flight because when we reached near Panay Island, it was raining. The ambiance really went along with the death of my grandmother. I was with my mother and cousin by the way.

My elder cousin picked us up in the airport. And while in the car, I didn't know what to think. I was really enigmatic that time because of the things that had happened. It was so sudden!

When we reached the house of my grandmother, there were a lot of people--family members, friends, and neighbors. I saw my grandmother lying in her casket. I was surprised that she was wearing very thick make-up and very pink lipstick. I was like "FOR REAL?" LOL! Anyway, moving on, the environment was kind off heavy during that time, and the air was so stuffy inside the house, it was probably because of the many visitors.

When my grandmother was to be buried, I was wearing a very nice attire, matched with my anime-like, spiky hair and cool shades. My cousin was like "WOAH! Are you going to the cemetry or what?! You're kinda hip!" I was like the center of attention that time. LOL! Everything was perfect but my shoes. I didn't bring any shoes and when my father arrived there, he brought me my black school shoes! I was like OKAY??! It didn't match with what I was wearing. So I ended up wearing my uncle's small sneakers that nearly killed my poor feet. I was actually having a hard time walking, and I couldn't wait to remove that shoes off of my feet.

After that busy day, we ended up really tired and mournful, especially my grandfather who loved her so much. I stayed there for two weeks because I felt like staying there even longer. And I never thought that I would experience unbelievable creepy things after my grandmother's death.

One day, my cousin, together with her two daughters, invited me to go out and explore the city of Kalibo... and that's just what we did. It was getting late and dark. We have to drop off one of her girls to rest in their house since she had a fever during that time, and we still have to go to a fiesta.

It was 8 in the evening that we left their house. And in order to reach my grandfather's house, we had to cross a very dark street. On our way, I was really shocked and my eyes widened because I saw a "somehow glowing" old man walking along the dark street. I still couldn't believe what I saw. It freaked me out.

When we reached my grandfather's house, my cousin went in alone to ask my aunt to allow me to go to the plaza, and that we might be going home late. My niece and I was left alone in the car. We were getting scared because it was pitch-black outside and there was no people around. Suddenly, a wild carabao ran really fast. We got scared because we didn't know where it appeared and where it went. I told myself, "could it be paranormal?" After some minutes, my cousin went back and told us that the brother of my grandfather died too! It was a week after my grandmother had died! I was creeped out because he told me that the man I saw would probably be the brother of my grandma. My heart throbbed quickly!

The horror didn't stop there. One night, as I was alone watching Bubble Gang, I didn't notice how intense the bark of the dogs were because I keep on laughing really hard! My cousin called me and told me to sleep early. When I turned off the tv and went to bed, she told me that the dogs were barking weirdly in the middle of the night. Probably, the spirits of my grandmother and her brother were lingering around the house. It was scary! And when I started to sleep, I felt my ankles getting colder. Honestly, it freaked me out. I never thought that ghosts could possibly exist. May their souls rest in peace.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aklan Adventures: An Encounter with a Tiktik

A tiktik is known to be as another form of aswang, which is similar to a manananggal (a lady aswang who is capable of separating her torso from her legs). They are the Philippine version for vampires and werewolves, however, unlike vampires and werewolves, they are not capable of thinking rationally, and they follow their instincts just like wild, hostile beasts. They are hideous-looking, flying creatures who usually victimize pregnant women, and they even take the innocent lives of people living in rural areas brutally.

Aklan, aside from Capiz, is also known as the haven for various aswang(s), mambabarang(s) (witches), demons, and elemental creatures such as evil elves, kapre(s) (half-human, half-horse creatures who live in Balete trees), and diwata(s) (fairies or enchantresses). It's pretty scary to think that those creatures might actually exist, and the fact that they also take away human lives in order to survive... in the most grotesque manner.

Aklan is my province. We visit the place yearly to celebrate Holy Week, or simply, just to wind up and relax.

One of my most horrifying experience in Aklan happened a year ago.

It was already dusk during that time. My father, together with an older cousin, invited me to visit the wake of my previous yaya, who I fondly call Manang. We were trying to locate the place, but unfortunately, we failed. We sought the help of a relative who happened to know the house of Manang, and she accompanied us. It's starting to get dark, and we didn't bring any flashlight, but luckily we do have our cell phones.

I never thought that the route going to Manang's place would be a savage, dense forest. I was like WOAH! At last, we reached Manang's house situated in a very remote area. It saddens me a lot to think that the woman (aside from my mother) who raised me was already inside a casket, lifeless. May her soul rest in peace.

We stayed there for a couple of hours, until it was seven in the evening. We are about to bid our goodbyes to them, but unfortunately, the rain poured really hard. So we had to stay there until the rain stops. They offered us snacks, such as peanuts and juice, which I really enjoyed munching. The rain stopped at around ten in the evening. I was really worried for the fact that we are using the same route (the savage, dense forest) in order to get our asses off from that place.

Fortunately, we were still with a relative who knew pretty well the route even if the inkiness of the night had engulfed the forest. It was still drizzling, and we depended on our cell phones as our only light while we struggled ourselves to find the way. The darkness of our surrounding during that time was really enthralling. It was unbelievably horrifying! My imagination was really playful at that moment. Just imagining myself being alone in my room with lights turned off makes me want to scream. What more being in a savage, dense forest in the vast darkness, right? I mean, who would want to be stuck in a situation like that?

At last we found our way. There was the street. Houses, the street lights, and a few people are also to be found. I thought I was really relieved. But then, when we reached our way to my grandfather's house, it was dark again--no lights in the street, and no people lingering outside. It was still drizzling, and we didn't have umbrellas (How fortunate of us! LOL!). As we made our way to that street, we heard a sound near us. The sound made was like "tiktiktik," though I'm not really certain if it was a tiktik. Then all of a sudden, the relative of ours shouted and said in Aklanon dialect, "Get outta here! I know who you are! I will kill you if you get near us!" I was really terrified after what she shouted. My father told us to hurry up, and even though he was calm, I could still sense the fear in him.

I honestly don't know if that was really a tiktik, or some sort of aswang, but one thing is for sure, we were not safe during that time judging by the situation happened.

I also don't know if such creature exists, and I don't want to believe that they exists because it creeps me out. It is also possible that our playful minds are the only ones who creates such thing. Remember that the mind is great--it can either create or destroy.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

What will happen after TWO DAYS.

I suddenly felt sick and weak.

I started feeling sad and lonely.

I couldn't concentrate well.

At first, I thought it was because of my messy environment (which is our house) that makes me disoriented, but actually it's not. And then I just realize that sooner I will eventually leave the comforts of vacation after two days. TWO DAYS. And at this moment, I'm having what you called "school blues."

I will be an incoming 3rd year college after two days. I really don't know what to expect, and it frightens me so bad. I actually do have an idea of what my junior year would be like, but still, expect the unexpected, right? And even though I already know that my classmates before would still be my classmates (because obviously we're a block section), I still feel uneasy because I still don't feel like going to school.

I honestly hate waking up four in the morning, and forcing myself to eat breakfast. I feel queasy every time I smell the scent of the garlic as my mother sautes it. I just hate it! And I also don't like drinking or even eating dairy products in the morning because I feel really, really sick.

I like taking a bath, but every morning, taking a bath is like a torture because the water that comes out in our shower (which is not the sophisticated, detachable showers with temperature control) is FREAKIN' COLD! I actually scream most of the time. I know there are cheap water heaters available in the market (the circular, red one with mini holes, right?), but I don't dare buying myself one of those "somehow-dangerous-contraptions" because I remember being electrified by it when I was a kid (unfortunately, while pooping! LOL!).

Now that I'm in college, I think I miss having a school bus. Commuting is just as tiring as studying! And after two days, same routine again, walk in the middle of the dawn, ride a trike, walk, wait for an FX, sleep inside, wake up, wait for a jeep, walk in the overpass full of merchandise, walk, walk, WALK! Too much walking for me! Sometimes I even imagine myself riding one of the school buses in UST intended for high school students, but it would be so embarrassing because I will be THE ONLY college student in the university who uses a school bus!!! Oookay, I am "over-imagining" things again.

Thinking that school is about to start, I feel wild moths (if there is such) fluttering in my tummy, my knees weakens, and I stutter as I speak--symptoms of having school blues. Sometimes I just hate myself for being a coward. I mean it's just school, not a surgical room or even a prison, right?

Ever since I was a kid, I always have this "school blues." But of course, the older I get, the lesser my school blues. I remember having accompanied by my yaya when I was in preschool and grade school because I'm pretty scared of school. I imagine it eating me alive, a heartless monster. But as I grew older and gained many friends, I felt more confident. But I still couldn't escape the fact that I'm having a "school-blues-syndrome" whenever school is about to start. It's so high school, right?

Oh well, I guess I have to say goodbye to my vacation, and start preparing myself for school... after two days. (Sigh)

Good Luck to my 7:00 am to 7:00 pm schedule every Tues, Wed, and Thurs. (Whew!)

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Friday, June 11, 2010

My Personal Review of "The Freedom Writers Diary"

First I was able to see its movie "The Freedom Writers Diary" starring Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell. I was totally struck by the story because it tackles about Racism, Holocaust, Segregation, and Violence. Every scene in the movie was really inspiring, making me want to read their diary entries.

I tried looking for this book, but it was really hard to find. As I was checking books at Book Sale (Mall of Asia branch), I accidentally ran my fingers through this book. I was really enthralled so I bought it. I was so excited, and started reading it...

The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing To Change Themselves and the World around Them.
by The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell.

There is this new English teacher in Wilson High in Long Beach, California. She is White. And Her name is Ms. Erin Gruwell. Most of the class, at first, don't like her for the fact that she is white, and most of her students were not (except for one boy, who felt outcast in his class). Each of these students has a story to tell--different races comes different backgrounds, and Ms. Erin, as their teacher, is trying to figure it out in order to help those kids. Thus, she gave them all journals for them to write everything they wanted to tell--their voices, their stories.

(The real Ms. Erin Gruwell)

Some students were victims of sexual harassment from their uncles, some were involved in gang war. Some of them have a broken family, some were victims of poverty. Some were teased, some were repulsed. Some Asians and Latinos were illegal migrants, Some African-Americans were discriminated to the extent. Some have illness and some were drug-addicts. Some had abortions, some were raped. Bottom line is: They were all victims no matter what their differences were. Despite their differences in colors, they are all the same, victims of injustice. They called it "An Undeclared War."

Erin did everything in order to reconstruct their dilapidated spirits upon reading all their journals. She introduced to them Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, who was a victim of Holocaust, for the fact that they can relate to her. Erin also invited Miep Gies, the kind lady who hid the Frank family, as a speaker. They were all inspired by her story of courage. They told her that she was a hero, but she said "No. I am not a hero, but all of you here."

(Miep Gies)

Erin also invited Zlata Filipovic, a teenager who was a victim of war in Saravejo. More or less, she is said to be the present Anne Frank. She also wrote a diary as she hid from the war. She was also invited by Erin to be a speaker for the Freedom Writers. I was really struck by her answer when she was asked what her race is. Instead of saying what her race really is, she said "I am a human being, just like all of you." Zlata, indeed, is an epitome of justice and equality for the youth.

(Zlata Filipovic)

Little by little, the Freedom Writers started to establish their dilapidated selves, and also they have inspired many youths by their bravery and determination, creating a drastic change in the whole world.

Indeed, they are a catalyst of change in the society.

I genuinely believe that this book is a must read! It is based on a true story that happened many years ago. This book will help you enlighten your mind about racial discrimination. It did inspire me, so I have a strong feeling that this book will inspire you too. (^o^)

Full of real-life drama.

It's really a page turner.

Two thumbs up to the Freedom Writers!!!

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