Thursday, July 12, 2012

A BUM's Life

Yes, I have been unemployed or should we say 'BUM' ever since I graduated from college. But it doesn't mean that society should look down on me for being such.

So I felt the urge of sharing to everyone, especially to those who are yet to graduate, a glimpse of what is like to be a bum--is it really that a bad thing?

It's been four months now since I've stayed at home (as a bum) because I don't have a job yet. Is it a choice? Maybe. I always know what I wanted in life: to be a cabin crew. It may sound simple to some (or many) people, but that's not always the case. To become one means "to go through the eye of a needle". It's not easy, unless you are born SUPERFICIAL combined with INTELLIGENCE. And apparently I'm not a superficial being. But still my heart tells me to pursue it no matter what it takes because it is what will make me happy. That's why I decided to take some rest (for some months until I'm 21) to prepare...a lot. Besides, I can never go to a battle without bullets for my gun, and an armor for my body.

So for me, being bum means 'preparing oneself'. I'm a kind of person who doesn't rush because I'm being pressured by society, society that dictates "you should have a decent job right after graduation because you were one of the top students, and if you don't, I'll look down on you. Wahahaha!" (crazy dramatization). Also, I have this idea that when I start working, I might not be able to do the things I wanted to do because of my commitments.

So what have I been doing, eh?

I've been doing the things I love like watching anime/K-series and movies all day, reading novels (in order to sharpen my depleting brain cells), going out with my family and friends, surfing the net like there's no tomorrow, and blogging my heart's content (like what I'm doing right now). Typical bum, hehe!

Then how am I preparing?

My main concern would be my physique. Since my body type is ectomporph, it is very hard for me to gain weight and mass. That's why I decided to consult a fitness trainer to help me work on it. With the right nutrition and an active lifestyle, in some months I'll have a more proportional body and an increase in weight. Yep, I've been building muscles and strength for some months now. I've also engaged myself into swimming because it's definitely an overall body workout, plus it is an advantage in becoming a cabin crew. I'm also learning the right nutrition for me. From 115 lbs, I'm currently 120 lbs (and going!). Apart from improving my physique, I also underwent basic life support and first aid training a month ago under Red Cross for me to be equipped with the knowledge of saving people in the most basic way.

Am I not pressured that most of my peers are already working?

I'd be lying if I say that there's no pressure in my part. Sometimes I feel envy that some of them are happily working. I'm also worried of what my professor told us before that not because he/she was the top student of the batch, he/she becomes the most successful of them all--that's not always the case. Scary, right? But still at the back of my mind, there's a voice telling me not to be affected by those things because it will just pull me down, instead focus on what I think is right and I should be doing right now. As the old Irish proverb says, "It takes time to build a castle".

Then I realized that being bum isn't bad at all. It makes you cherish the simple things in life because you don't worry about going to work the next day. In addition to that, being bum gears toward more realizations which can actually lead to self-actualization. (I'm an optimist, you know! Hehe!)

Too prepared before having a job? Maybe. ;-)

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Under The Golden Wings Of Gulf Air

It's been five or six months now since I underwent my on-the-job training at the airport (NAIA Terminal 1), under the company of Gulf Air, which is the flag carrier of Bahrain. And I can really say that it is one of the best things that ever happened in my life during college.

Throughout my first three years in college, I eagerly wanted to have my practicum/ojt at the airport because I've always been so enthusiastic about air travel. The image of airplanes flying is such a beautiful thing for me. Since I was young, I always fancied being a cabin crew myself and knowing that I'd be seeing a lot of them in the airport, it made me excited even more. 

When I started my training in Gulf Air, I was always high-spirited and excited. I met other co-trainees and eventually became close to them (I suddenly miss them!). Most of the agents were also nice and friendly. What I like about being a student trainee there is that we were always well-groomed and uniformed. We even had a name plate just like the agents and cabin crews which of course added to a more professional look. Guidelines for student trainees were pretty much strict because upon stepping in the airport, we are already considered as someone who represents the airline and not as mere students anymore.

(A Filipina Gulf Air Cabin Crew. Noticed our matching name plates? Hehe!)

Training was intense and tiring, yet really enjoyable. We were able to experience the different positions during operation from arrival to departure, even as an admin. But one thing's constant when it comes to performing our duties: CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I did not expect customer service to be that challenging. I always thought that all you need to do is to smile, greet, and assist passengers. WRONG! In order to be of service, one must be observant, empathetic, a listener, a problem-solver, and should exude confidence, poise and grace no matter what the situation is. That's what I learned from college, but discovered during my training in Gulf Air when I experienced it myself.

I like mingling with the passengers, I learn from them. I'm a people-pleaser and it was definitely a challenge for me whenever I have to say "no" to them. I did have a dispute with some passengers because they don't want to follow procedure set by the airline company. I always tell them, "I'm sorry (sir/ma'am) but you are not our only passenger, and to be fair with the others, you must follow the rules. It is for your good." The golden rule in customer service is always to listen, empathize, apologize, and to offer solution.

Until I was appointed as an officer-in-charge for ojt (together with a female counterpart). It was really humbling that they believed in me as a leader. It was such a big responsibility because my partner and I were in charge of handling our co-trainees. I even regarded myself as the "grooming coordinator" because I was really particular when it comes to the appropriate and professional way of grooming. We were also given the privilege to roam around during operation to check on the performances of our co-trainees. In the end of my term, I got the chance to train my appointed next officer-in-charge (which I want to do in the future--to be a trainer/coach,/mentor of future cabin crews particularly).

I can say that I did gain a lot of experience as well as the confidence to handle people during my training in Gulf Air. It has honed me to become a better professional and a more effective leader. Now that I'm on my own, catching my dream (yes, I'm still a bum but working on it! Hehe!), I'll make sure to apply all the things I learned from Gulf Air in my future endeavor. 'Til we meet again, Falcon!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Super Good Deal NIKE Shoes

This blog post may probably be late but still I wanted to share my experience last June 23, 2012, Saturday when Agility Center (near NAIA) announced that there would be a big sale of Nike products up to 80% from June 22 to July 1, 2012.

(Here's the poster I got from Manila Shopper blog)

Since I live within the vicinity of the said location and that it's only the second day of sale, I was confident that I'd still be able to find and even select a the perfect training shoes for me with the right fit. Size is usually the main concern when it comes to a big shoe sale like this especially on the last days of sale.

My mother and I arrived at the Agility Center at around 10:30 am and I was surprised that the there was a long line of people outside the building! I didn't expect that it would be that crowded. The heat outside was so intense, luckily I brought my umbrella. We waited outside for like two hours until the guard let us in (finally!), and to my surprise there was a concertina-like (snake movement) line inside the gate! I thought our suffering outside was over.

Inside the gate, we waited for another two hours just to be able to select items. It was like a depot of shoes and other sportswear, and it was hot inside. People were like on a battle as they select shoes; my mother and I joined the war. Since I already know what kind of shoes to choose, I didn't really have a hard time. Fortunately there were shoes of my size. I also helped my mother in choosing running shoes.

(My Nike Flywire Structure 14; Size 8.5; Discounted at 50%)

As I was helping my mother in choosing a suitable shoes for her, I saw a nice red sneakers and I thought it was meant for me. I asked my mother if she could buy it for me and I was glad that she agreed (of course I'll be sharing it with my brother!). My only concern is the size. It says that it's Size 9, US, but it turned out smaller than my 8.5 Flywire, though it still fits. Oh well, as long as it looks nice.

(Nike Red Sneakers; Size 9; Discounted at 50%)

We were done at around 2:00 pm, starving. My mother and I were really overwhelmed by how inexpensive the Nike products were and found out that we fell short of money. Good thing my father was on his way to pick us up (to the rescue!). It was such an experience! Even though the long, exaggerated line was annoying, we still end up having really good deal shoes so I guess our suffering was well compensated. ;-)

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