Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook is ruining my daily routine!

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate facebook, nor am against it. The truth is I am so into facebook!!! I am so into it, and it so happen that it's starting to invade my daily routine!!!

I usually eat my meals on time, breakfast, lunch time, and dinner, but now I don't. I sometimes forgot to eat. I do have a healthy regimen before, I must say. But now, every time I wake up in the morning, around 8 or 9, what I do (imagine me doing it in an aggressive manner, as my heart throbs. LOL!) is I press the "turn on" button on our laptop, as well as the internet connection, and... TA-DA!!! type the most prominent word in this era "FACEBOOK," waiting to appear the most distinguishable logo on earth:

Funny isn't it? I bet many of you have experienced the urge of always logging in to your account in facebook, and just let it open until the day ends. I don't know with you, but as for me, I always feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I log in to my account. LOL! Much worse, it is starting to enslave me.

I would say I have a mild addiction to facebook (unlike those who are very, very, very obsessed with it to the extent that their eyes're glued to the so-called LCD of their computers) because I can still control, like not logging it to my account for a day or so. But I think I'm starting to become a slave. A slave not only to facebook, but also to the internet, or the right term would be this era's unimaginable technology!!! (I'm just exaggerating. LOL!)

Going back to the-facebook-trying-to-enslave-me, oh yes, I think it is. You know how it started?! Everything started when I discovered the facebook mobile. At first I was really astonished by that, so I tried it. Besides it only ate 20.00php from my load. I thought it was really awesome that I was logged in to facebook for the WHOLE DAY, afraid that the load eaten would be worthless, so I took it for granted. If you can just imagine me holding my cell phone for the whole day, as I clean our house, defecate in the toilet (if you happen not to know the term, it only means "to poop"), as I eat my meals, and so. It was really insane!!! From then on, I was magnetized by facebook to the extent that it affects my daily routine.

Now that I've discovered an application called Airline Manger, I was so so eager to try it out because it was like a real airline operation where you are the manager of your own airlines. As you know it, I'm an airline crew wannabe. Everyday, morning, afternoon, evening, I check out my facebook to update my flights. In filipino, I would say "masyado kong kinakarir!" LOL!

There are also times when I feel the urge of logging in my account even if there are no notifications. Especially if you look gorgeous in your profile picture. LOL! Have you ever experienced that? =)

Moreover, it is also the fault of facebook that my yahoo messenger is stagnant at the moment because now I chat more in FB than YM using their chat box.

Well, to compensate everything that I've said about the MANIPULATIONS of facebook to its users, I can still say that it is better than friendster (does it still exists? LOL! Kidding!). Moreover, it is also multitasking! It has chat box, tagging of friends, cool applications, personal messaging, and it also helps people find their long lost relatives (which has happened to me. ='3) because I believe there are many facebook users than any social networking sites, if I'm not mistaken.

Don't worry facebook, I still love you, but you can never control my Simple Life.

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