Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amazing Race EARTH-UST version

(Sorry, the "T" was cut from the picture!)

Yesterday (Saturday, 07-04-10)
I had an amazing morning together with the EARTH-UST members. We had our first General Assembly and everything was unexpected. It was my first time joining University-wide organizations for a change, and for me to meet new friends from other colleges. I actually joined three organizations which is Red Cross Youth, Yoga Club, and this EARTH-UST. Another reason why I joined EARTH-UST is because I honestly want to be more aware of what's happening in our environment, and I also want to contribute in preserving it. When I saw their year-list of activities, I was really excited because of the many field trips (more on nature exposure) that they are organizing. I really think it's fun.

In the morning, I never thought that they will be grouping us by thirteens or fourteens, and I was separated from my friends. They're actually group mates, and I was alone in another group. But it didn't hinder me from making new friends. I tried to be more natural, which I think I did, and I had new friends from different colleges and from CTHM as well. I was really surprised to find out that a group mate from CTHM was from 1H2--the class which we conducted the campus tour, no wonder he's familiar. So after the groupings, we ended up naming ourselves Orange Tigers (veeery unique! LOL!), finding out that we are having an Amazing Race EARTH-UST version. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a handkerchief or a face towel.

The race was really fun, though the heat of the sun was intense and the running was very tiring. We have to run to different places in the University and perform challenges, just like the real Amazing Race, only that ours is much easier and of course we didn't need to ride an airplane. LOL! I won't forget the challenge where I performed it myself, the "bouncing-of-soccer-ball-in-my-elbow challenge!" I know I'm not a sporty person, but I did manage to do it. It was insane, actually, that I had to run really fast just to catch the ball using my elbow. Moving on, I think the hardest challenge would be the "finding-the-plant-using-their-scientific-names-as-a-clue challenge" (whew! That's long!). It's hard because some plants are somehow hidden in the Botanical Garden that a person would have to be really keen in finding it. We also did ticklers using recycled materials, learned different types of plastics (though it really did not register in my mind), and many more. Now we're on our way to become environmentalists! LOL!

I believe that those challenges were preparations or rather an introduction to what we will be expecting in the upcoming meetings, and I really think it's fun, only that it won't be a hindrance to my very hectic schedule, the fact that I'm a 3rd year college now. Toodles!!!

(me and my friends in this event)

*Images got from Angela Faye AraƱes


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