Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Journey to PANAHON...

...Experience Transitions and Live beyond Expectations! (c/o Aldrin Palad)

Who could ever forget this tag line? It has always been reverberating in my head for about 2 or 3 months I think.

(This was our logo for the event c/o Jeni Ramos)

It has been 2 weeks since the much-awaited and most-anticipated event of the year (self proclaimed. LOL!), PANAHON, was held at Le Pavillon (8th of October, 2010).

Organizing an event, especially that everybody's a newbie in the Events Management field, is a tough one. We hardly knew what to do and we're always caught unaware. This was actually the highlight of our first semester as a tourism student in UST.

During the first month of preparation, different positions (from lowest to highest) were distributed among us (and I was actually an organizing committee head--administrative). At first, most of us really didn't know the duties and responsibilities for that certain position, making us all unaware of how to manage and manipulate things. But as time passed by, we eventually discovered for ourselves what we're supposed to be doing.

How did we conceptualize on such event? Well it turned out to be a mere accident. Originally, we have "Broadway," "Premiere Night," "Beauty Pageant," "Theme Park," and even the most unimaginable, "Space Tourism" in our minds, but when someone brought up a topic about a certain climate (I just forgot how it happened, as well as the details), then an idea eventually popped up that why not the 4 seasons? And thus, "PANAHON" was born.

(0ur ad c/o Jeni Ramos)

Before the event itself, we've encountered a lot of challenges which nearly made all of us devastated and unmotivated. And when I say there were a lot, I really mean A LOT.

It's actually funny to remember how the class was really arguing about the design/style/color of our attires (gowns for the girls and barongs for the boys) because of the diversity of our class, resulting to the clashing of ideas. And there even came a point where some cried, quarreled, and grudged because of the... ATTIRE! (LOL!) ...until we all agreed to this one:

(Our attire. Fancy, isn't it? Got this from
Jessica Madridejos)

But that's not the gravest.

The gravest challenge would be the postponement of our event which was supposed to be on the 10th of September, however due to PNoy's (I know. What a nickname, right?! It's so pedestrian! LOL!) declaration that the said date would be a non-working holiday, do we have a choice? I mean it's not like we can protest to have it moved to another day just for the sake of our event, right? Though we actually tried to fight for it, still we were moved to the 8th of October (the last one to have an event for the 1st semester). I couldn't forget that incident because many of us did cry. We all thought that everything was settled (well, partly), and that we'll be the first one (among the many classes) to hold an event, however because of such incident, it's like the end of the world for our class...and we were all left heartbroken. The sleepless nights, the preparation, the procrastination, the skipping of classes, the stress, the preparation of letters (c/o Angel Lantin and me), and our efforts were disregarded in just a blink of an eye.

(During our overnight @ OIC's place with our balots!)

But as the saying goes, "The show must go on."

Our class is known for being resilient in times of hardships. After such incident, brokenhearted and unmotivated we may be, we tried "very very hard!" (c/o Garet Yambao LOL!) to bring the excitement and the spirit of PANAHON back again! We tried to be optimistic--at least we can prepare more and end the event with a bang! Something they would never forget. And 4 days before our event, we were all busy as honeybees again--making our props (markers, delegate pins, etc.), going to divisoria for the boys' shoes and other things, confirming the reservation for our venue (Le Pavillon), as well as the caterer (VS&F), helping out in script-making for the hosts, finalizing the souvenir kits, selling baller bands for our beneficiaries, and many more!

(These were our delegate pins in 4 designs--Autumn,
Summer, Spring, and Winter)

(Souvenir kits. Inside are tumbler, pen, brochures from DOT,
PANAHON pin, and our primer)

(These are our I Support Panahon Baller Bands, available
in 2 color--black and transparent. 30 php each)

What I will also not forget is our ingress. It was so tiring yet so much fun! A night before our event, all of us went to Le Pavillon to set everything up--the tables and chairs, the stage, lights, and LED (if I'm not mistaken, we were actually the first one to use it in events management class. Cool, right?), the exhibit, rehearsals, and the plan. We didn't have our sleep for this one (I think. LOL!) That night was like draining all our energy and our youthfulness. We were all "haggard," dizzy, and insane? And as the dawn arrived, we were running all over the place, updating and finishing what was supposed to be done. It was nerve-wracking! And as the event proper approaches, a lot of problems arose--late hair and make-up artists, souvenir kit malfunction (is it the right term?), unfinished markers, and the class presentation (which we did not push through in the end due to time constrain). Though it turned out well in the end (Thank God!)

Here are some photos of our ingress: (c/o Faye Aranes)

2 hours before the event proper, we all got dressed up, the ladies were receiving makeovers from Modify, double-checking everything, doing some rehearsals, orienting the ushers, checking the bgm's and the videos, mic tests, finalizing the exhibit as well as the souvenir kits...we're 98% ready!

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... PANAHON starts...

Guests are starting to arrive. The promotional videos of our sponsors are now being played. And all of us are all on our posts now. This is it. This is now our time to show everyone all our efforts, the fruit of our labors, and sacrifices.

It's 2pm, yet there were still lots of vacant seats. We're all getting worried (the fact that there are students who weren't allowed by their professors to go to our event due to the final examinations happening two days after our event). But still, we should continue our event no matter what happens. After an hour or two, I couldn't believe it! The event was already full of people! It was really motivating that all of us did our best even though little problems occurred during the event proper like "missing video," which created a dead-air, awkward moment on the first part of the event, guests complaining of their designated seats (due to some shifting), some guests weren't allowed to enter the venue for disobeying the dress code, and some other little things, but because of the creativeness of the program and the jaw-dropping set-up, those "minor problems" were compensated.

What caught the audience's attention was, I think, the performance of Amazing Philippines (the transsexual performers, who performed a nice cultural dance of Korea), the presence of Mr. Dick Gordon, who gave an uplifting and enlightening talk, and the Winter fashion show (c/o of Mitch Desunia), and take note: with snow effect, the dramatic part of the program where ordinary individuals serving UST were given recognition, and of course the brilliance and wit of our hosts, Joyce Navoa, Garet Yambao, and Hope Velasco. Those were really applauded by the audience!

(The Amazing Philippines performing a Korean cultural dance)

(with Mr. Dick Gordon, one of our speakers)

(Our beneficiaries with their heart-warming stories, receiving
recognition in the celebration of UST's 400th year.)

I can attest that the "PANAHON" event, indeed, ended with a BANG! Many people were congratulating us, saying how beautiful and creative our event was. Sir Win even said that our event was AMAZING! (as well as the MTA and Turimasino--events by our fellow batchmates, 3T3 and 3T4). Every hardship and sacrifices were paid-off. The last part of the program was a bit emotional in our part, seeing that the even was a success! Although we didn't have a "prepared" class presentation, we had a very active participation in the simultaneously clapping. LOL! But seriously, it was still moving and a moment to remember. Congratulations everyone! We did a great job!!!

(during our 'class presentation' c/o Mich Mendoza)

Feel the Breeze

Catch the Fall

Witness the Bloom

and Beat the Heat

as class 3T5 brings you:

PANAHON: Experience Transitions and Live Beyond Expectations!

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