Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The reason I took up B.S. Toursim

Hello again world!!!

At this moment, I feel like blogging about one choice that I made as I make my way to the world of adulthood. And that is the course that I've chosen--B.S. Tourism.

It's like telling the origin of my dream--to become a flight attendant.

I wouldn't forget one moment in my life that inspired me to become who I want to be. During Christmas break of 2003 (when I was still in 6th grade), my family and I visited my province, Aklan (in the Visayas region of the Philippines), to celebrate Christmas with our relatives there. We went there via Cebu Pacific. I have been riding the airplane as a mode of transportation from Manila to Kalibo eversince I was a kid, but this was the only time when I saw two beautiful flight stewardesses and a handsome flight attendant. I could compare the beauty of the other stewardess to Song Hye Kyo (Korean actress who starred in Endless Love 1 and Full House). I was really mesmerized by their beauty, stance, elegance, and personality. They were always smiling, they answer the passengers' question intelligently, and they were so accommodating. They were really professional! Honestly, I was enjoying the whole duration of flight because I can't take my eyes off of those flight attendants.

(This is not the original aircraft that we rode, I just want to pin point that it was Cebu Pacific. ='3)

From that moment, I told myself that I want to be like them, I want to become a flight attendant too, not because there are a lot of beautiful women in that industry >:P, but because I also want to be as professional and classy as those flight attendants that I've seen during my childhood days.

High School came. During my first year, I wouldn't forget the time when we had to say in front of the class what we want to become in the future. As for me, I told them proudly and with conviction that I want to become a flight attendant. Some of my friends even suggested that I take B.S. Tourism in college, and that was the first time that I heard the course, and I really thought it was interesting. From then on, my mind was set, I will take up that course.

4th year High School came, the most and ever crucial part of my teen life because it was the time of choosing. Choosing the field of study that we want to pursue in college. We even had career assessment day way back in high school. One of the speakers that time was the mother of my classmate who is a flight attendant at Philippine Airlines. She told us the joys of being in the airline industry--that she has traveled the globe, seen the peak of Mt. Everest and the Swiss Alps, been to Buckingham Palace in the U.K., seen Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Hardrock Cafe, and so many wonderful things. Because of her, I was really inspired to become a f.a.

Many people had raised their brows on me whenever I tell them that I'll be taking up B.S. Tourism. At first I wondered why? Because they say that it is only for people who are bimbo (f)/mimbo (m). In short, beauty without brains. I really didn't believe on that until now. But people around me discourages me to take up that course because they say that I'm better as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, dentist, nurse, etc. You know, jobs with titles. Honestly during those days, I had a dilemma--I didn't know what to do. There were also times that I doubted myself and did not believe in my capability. I received indirect mockery, raised eyebrows, and questions like "eh?," "why?," "how come?," and phrases like "you're better than that."

Time went really fast and I received the results from the Universities that I took exams. Fortunately, out of 3 (UP, La Salle, UST), I passed 2 Universities--La Salle and UST. I didn't bother to enter the La Salle because, let's face it, it is one of the most expensive schools in the country, so I ended up in this Royal Pontifical Catholic University of the Philippines--UST, in which I passed B.S. Tourism--where I'm currently enrolled.

Going back to my 4th year High School days, I wouldn't forget what a teacher had told me when I was summoned to the Faculty room. Let's just hide her in the name of Ms. Coke. This Ms. Coke asked me, "What is your course?" I told her, "B.S. Tourism Miss." She replied "Why?" Then suddenly I felt embarrassed then I said, "Don't worry miss, I'll shift to B.S. Bio." Take note that Ms. Coke is a Science teacher/coordinator. WTH!!! From that moment, I thought of shifting to another course, such as B.S. Bio, in due time.

Summer before college came. I had an interview, bought uniform, and still enrolled myself to B.S. Tourism.

First day of college, I wore this airline-looking uniform, trying to figure out how to tie the necktie, but still failed. Before going to school, I prayed to God. "God, do you really want me to pursue this course? If you do, please show me signs. Thank You." And in a matter of second, I saw a commercial in the TV--it was the Department of Tourism commercial saying "may trabaho sa turismo." From then on, I said to myself that this course is really for me. =D

(Yes, it is this one.)

I wouldn't forget what my mother told me a year ago, taking from a book entitled Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!
"The me I see is the me I'll be" --Robert Schuller
As I grow up in this course, I've discovered that people were wrong about this course, It's as hard as other courses. As my blockmates and friends would say, "Wala namang madaling course, eh." I agree to that, and I am one of the living proofs who's witnessing it right now. Who said we don't have math? WRONG! We still have because we are in the field of business too. We even have Science subjects and foreign languages. Despite of those subjects being hard, we Tourism students still find our days in school enjoyable. I've had friends, loved the course, and proud of it.

(My classmates, and I love them.)

From then on, I stood for what I believe no matter how hard those obstacles will be. I know that someday, I will become a part of an airline company as I offer them my utmost service. =)

And for the record, we are not only flight attendants or tour guides, we can also be somebody people expect the least.

No matter how people discourage you, saying bad things or even misconceptions of what you believed, always remember that you can never pleased everybody, but as long as you do what you think is right, then continue it. And as long as your passion is burning, there is no doubt that you will succeed in whatever path that you will take. =)

Now I will answer their question, "why Tourism?" I would say, "and why not Tourism?" with conviction.

No regrets at all. Very satisfied. <3

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  1. WOW. Same situation happening to me..really the same po. THANK YOU SO MUCH..REALLY. your blog inspired me. I'm surfing the net for possible questions that'll be thrown at me during my interview on saturday, 02/04/12 at UST. Tourism din po kasi kukunin ko same reason po.. and sobrang kinakabahan po ako sa interview. haha. Tapos napadpad na lang ako dito. :D Ang galiiing.


    1. Hi jinetweyn! I'm very humbled to know that you were inspired. =) Sorry I wasn't able to read your post immediately, I could've wished you "good luck!" HEHE! By the way, I hope you passed your interview, and enjoy CTHM. It's really fun! =)