Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brown Racists

Why is it that when some Filipinos are discriminated by other races, they become really furious and indignant? The fact that, not some, but many Filipinos are also discriminative in nature. Have anyone thought of it?

Unaware we may be, but the truth is, we give names to many foreigners we see in public places. For example, Chinese people (often regarded as Tsinoy) in the country are addressed by many as "intsik beho," "tulo laway," and "tsekwa." They are also considered as mandurugas (deceitful), land of fakes, and masungit (grumpy). I also just found out from my Tsinoy friend that addressing them as "intsik" is as offensive as calling us "indio." I don't think that's being nice of us.

For Korean people, since they are migrating in our country to study or even to retire (their population has actually reached 1 million here in the Philippines), it is not new to us to see them everywhere. We're all aware of the K-pop invasion, and yes, many find them cute and hip, but still some Filipinos are negating things about them. For an instance, some would address them retokados and retokadas (plastic surgery enhanced) like it's a really bad thing. Some also sees Korean boy bands as gays (It just so happen that it has been in their culture to portray cuteness and gentleness). And some Filipinos are repulsed by Korean girls with armpit hair like it's a sin to have it, right?

But have we looked in the mirror? Many are actually imitating their fashion, hairstyles, and poses. And honestly, I think it doesn't look good for some of us. It just appears that we are copycats and T.H. (or trying hard). Let's just leave those to Koreans because it suits them way better than us. (I'm guilty, I know. LOL!)

For Europeans, despite of their "being nice" to us Filipinos, still, some people talk not-so-nice things behind their backs like they don't smell nice or they're all pedophiles... like WHAT?! Some say that they smell bad, know why? because most European countries have snow that's why they don't take a bath everyday (they might suffer from hypothermia if that's case) and also it has been part of their culture. In addition to that, where do you think the best perfumes are produced? In France, right? which is a European country. Pedophiles. Why do you think pedophiles are coming to our country? Because of poverty, there are parents who actually sell their children in return of money. But take note, not because they are Europeans, meaning they're also pedophiles. Besides, they are actually the advocate of "Stop Child Trafficking" organizations in EU.

For Africans, many would regard them as "ulikba," "uling," "negro," and "itim." Now that's below the belt! There was one Filipino kid who was asked by a professor to draw a white girl and a black girl. After some minutes, she showed her drawing to the professor. When the professor saw the white girl, she drew it nicely with ribbons, and beautiful yellow hair, but when he saw the black girl, it was ugly, and the color was messed up and it was purely black. It's really bothering because kids nowadays sees African people like an ugly monster, where in fact they have a beautiful color. I think it's the fault of Barbara Millicent Roberts (Barbie for short! LOL!) that children in the Philippines are only patronizing white people and hating black or even brown people like most Filipinos. Because of that, whitening soaps, lotions, glutathione capsules are prevalent in the Philippine market.

I suggest that you watch this video in youtube entitled Afro-Pinay: The Quest and The Question. I couldn't attach it in my blog because it's copyrighted. Here's the link:


Moving on... as for Indians, many would call them "bumbay," "5/6," "anghit," and "putok." And some parents would also use them to frighten their innocent children, they would say "Hala! Kukunin ka ng bumbay, 'wag ka makulit!" (Don't be naughty, the bumbay will get you). As if Indians do that, right? Because of those parents, children would grow up mistreating Indian people in the country. Why does Indian people always have to appear as bad people and should be avoided? Which in reality, they are not as evil as many would think. Also, I really think that it offends calling them "5/6," the fact that they are just doing their job to lend money to the people, of course with interest. I think there's nothing wrong with it, besides, it's business. And the most cruel terms, the "putok" and "anghit." Can we blame them if Indians love to eat spicy foods like curry? Even I eat that. Eating spicy foods has been part of their culture, in which it also manifests in their body fumes. Nothing's wrong with it, let's just be open-minded.

Also, sometimes, Filipinos are also considering Arabs as bumbay, which is kind of bizarre! As well as Europeans or Australians as Americans; and Koreans, Japanese, and Vietnamese as Chinese. Whew!

And not only that, I also find many Filipinos guilty for discriminating their fellow Filipinos. Some Filipinos living in the city sees themselves superior than people in the rural areas. Not because they are in the city doesn't mean that they are greater, right? I actually received that kind of treatment when I went to my province in Aklan and because I also have a fair skin. I told my cousins that not because I'm from Manila doesn't mean I'm way better than anyone else here. Moreover, some fair-skinned Filipinos would think that they are more beautiful than dark-skinned Filipinos. It also applies for the indigenous people residing in remote areas like the ethnic group of Aeta. Many are like belittling them because they are uneducated and, worse, they have a dark skin. This is how colonial mentality affects us--white is better, black is not. I disagree because there are Filipinos who are really beautiful even if they are not fair-skinned, like Ma. Venus Raj, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2010. In addition to that, she also lived in poverty in Bicol.

Media and Entertainment in the Philippines are the ones showing Filipino actors and actresses, who, majority are half-mixed and fair-skinned. Because of that, Filipinos' mindset now is "white is beautiful" because it is what Philippine entertainment are showing. But we couldn't blame them if they misinterpret what real beauty is.

Now the question is... Are we guilty or are we not guilty? Think about it.

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  1. can i ask something. do you know the guy in this pic: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs509.snc3/26738_116097095071703_116096771738402_286190_5319700_n.jpg

    or do you have the profile of the person you got it from?

    I saw someone on facebook with that picture. He claims that that's him. I just can't bring myself to believe it.

    I'd really appreciate it. :)

  2. Hi regarding your question, sorry but I really don't know who he is. I only got that picture in the internet. Well apparently, nowadays, there are a lot of posers who invade social networking sites. Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is really them (Especially that "ASIAN" is the new trend), unless they post their own video saying that it is them. But who knows, maybe it's really him. XP

  3. And in addition to that, if it is really him, his facebook contents should be in korean (if not then mostly of the contents) because obviously this guy here is korean. Right? =)

  4. Haha right. Well he's speaking in Filipino so =___= I guess he's a poser.

    Thank you for that ^___^