Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why can't I think of anything to write?

You'd probably think that my title above is weird, or you'd probably say "What the?!?" upon reading it. But yes, I really can't think of anything to write! I actually promised myself that I will publish my blog weekly, and suddenly, here I am, can't think of anything to write... staring at my monitor, typing anything that pops out of my mind, without really thinking of an interesting topic to blog.

Now I feel like a nonsense person trying to say what's on my mind! (Facebook cliche, eh?) Funny isn't it? But the truth is, my mind's like manipulating every fingers of my hands, both from left and right. At this very moment, I imagine Plankton being in my brain and trying to control what my mind should think, like 'write everything what's on my mind now.' (I think I'm just seeing a lot of Spongebob on TV! LOL!)

Now what?

Believe me, I just stopped for a minute because I really don't know what to write!!! I know that I'm a potential writer, but what's happening to me?!? Where's my creativity?! My ideas?! Goodness gracious!!! Am I starting to rust? (PARANOID!!!)

Oh well, I think I'm just not in my real state of self today. And as a matter of fact, I have a friggin' colds, which makes me drowsy every now and then, and not concentrate on the things that I should be doing like reading The Lying Tongue by Andrew Wilson (It's really a good book! Trust me.)

Now I suddenly thought of a possible answer of my current dilemma--Preliminary Exam Exhaustion!!! We just ended up our prelims exam last Friday, and I think my brain is still ripped off from over-studying (or did I really over-studied?! LOL!). And until now, it hasn't recuperated from that extortion. But what can I do? I'm oblige to ace those exams that's why I need to burn the midnight oil! Oh well, the damage has been done, and I can't do anything about it! LOL!

Now I feel like a person lost his sanity as I write these sentiments of mine. LOL! Now my message to my blog site would be: "I'm having a complicated situation now dealing with my brain dysfunction, but I'll get back to you!" (Very tour guide! LOL!)

Ironically, I've come up with a blog content from my dysfunctional brain!!! Woohoo!!! (Riiight! -_-)

(...and what's with all the "LOL's?!?" It's too many! Oh well... How weird of me noticing that! ^o^)