Thursday, June 24, 2010

When I was a Tour Guide

It's been two weeks since the first day of school began. And it never occurred to me that I will be touring the freshmen around the University. And yes, I ended up being a tour guide due to a friend's request. Though I wasn't really sure of it, and I was like, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!"

Two days ago, I was really nervous because it was the first time that I'm ushering freshmen people for their orientation in the morning. I'm actually quite shy because I JUST AM. Good thing I had a partner during that time, and it made me at ease. However, he left me because he was suppose to be backstage, practicing. And I was alone ushering the section that was assigned to me (1H3). And luckily, I had a friend (who happens to be an usher as well) and the class assigned to her was next to mine. So we ended up talking and goofing around (it was really childish of us!).

The first part of the program was kind off interesting, especially the performance of the intenzyc (if I got that right) dancers. But as time goes by I felt really, really lethargic--probably it was because of the chilliness of the air conditioner and the lullaby-like speech of a certain speaker, who happens to be my former professor whom I don't want to mention for security reasons. LOL! Oh well, I don't want to talk about it.

Going back to my "tour guiding experience," we were suppose to tour the freshmen around the campus in the afternoon. But before that, during my break time, I went to see my friends and hang out with them for awhile. And when I saw my French professor with a little girl. I was really amazed whenever they converse in pure French! (o_O) I was really astounded that I wanted to sit with them and listen to what they were talking about (though I really don't understand it. LOL!).

In the afternoon, together with a tour guide friend, we returned immediately to the Medicine Auditorium to prepare ourselves. I actually had fun distributing the give-away bags to the freshmen. It was like being an attendant in a seminar or an event (are we not? LOL!).

The time has come that we tour the freshmen.

It was actually nerve-wracking at first because I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know if I'd be able to please them all. Originally, I was planning to deliver my tour as professionally as I imagine it, but I felt really FAKE, seriously. That's why I tried exuding my confidence (as what the dean had told us). Good thing I had companions. There were three of us who toured the class assigned to us, which is 1H2. Honestly, they were so reactive and energetic, and I got carried away by their cheerful personalities. My personality did change as we walk through the campus--from the serious professional to the childish me. I was light to them, and we were goofing around and laughing during the whole tour.

I won't forget the time when the student (named Maricar) cramped her feet. I didn't know what to do and we were left behind by their classmates. It was really hilarious because we actually made her sit at the gutter and tried to stretch her legs and feet. We were like paramedics! We kept on laughing because people around us were starring at us. Probably they were amused... by our mini show. LOL!

I wanted the tour to be as exciting and informative as I imagined it. And as a tour guide, I've learned that one should never make his/her clients bored, but reactive and excited because at the end of the day, you don't only earn money and gain experience, but also you gain many friends. And from that experience, it actually made me more confident and I did gain lots of friends. (^o^)

By the way, it didn't occur to me that I wanted to become a tour guide someday. And I can't imagine myself being one someday (contradicting, right?). Oh well, I just did it to gain experience. And it turned out to be memorable for me. (n_n)v

(Image c/o Camille Serrano, my friend and co-tour guide)

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