Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Atrocity of "SM on Sale"

I have been an avid customer of SM (Shoemart) in Bicutan because I live near the vicinity of the said mall. Ever since it opened when I was still in 5th grade, I started patronizing the mall. Weekly, I never miss going to SM because it is necessary for us to purchase grocery items for the incoming week. It is also where I buy my clothes, shoes, and even my gadgets. I've watched movies there, ate almost to all the food stalls and restaurants situated there, and even window shopped is many boutiques there. I actually am starting to fall in love with the place because everything that I needed is already in there. As their jingle would say, "Here at SM, we got it all for you!"

Every time SM Bicutan is on sale, I just feel excited and my stomach starts to churn uncontrollably because every sale would mean it's like a fiesta in there! The presence of large number of people, the hoarded stocks would be available, there're strange balloon creatures in the entrance of the mall (which I find really creepy), cellular phone stands are like mushrooms, sprouting anywhere as long as there's a space, plastic containers (such as familia & orocan) will always be buy 1 take 1, and yellow tags would really glow from ground to 4th floor.

I was really thrilled whenever SM would have a grand sale, but everything has changed because of an incident that I would surely never forget. Here's the story:

It was, obviously, sale in SM a year ago. I was really bewildered by all the stuffs in a much lower price, clothes & bags (particularly in bench/--I'm a bench person), cell phones (from Wellcom and Hello), shoes (such as Fila and Nike, which I still find really expensive), and CD's (from Astrovision and Videoking). I strolled around at SM, hoping to find a real bargain! Then suddenly I realized that I need to buy a socks for my new shoes which is quite big so I need a thicker socks. When my family and I headed to Hypermaket to purchase grocery items, I went to the socks area--it was also on sale! I tried shoving and digging the socks container and...voila! I found a thick socks in the brand name of Puma. It was in a yellow tag. Price? 199.75 php. I didn't hesitate to buy it because it's on sale! Actually my mother was kind of hesitant about the price in the yellow tag, which seems wrong. I just told her that Puma is an expensive brand that's why it's not cheaper compared to other brands, even on sale.

We have bought the socks, and as we reached home, I was really engrossed by the socks that I bought so I explored it a bit. I am an O.C. person, and I couldn't stand seeing the yellow tag not aligned with the white tag behind--it disturbs my psychological make-up. So I tried removing the yellow tag and guess what I saw! The price on the white tag, which is the same as the yellow tag!!! Both are in 199.75 php!!! I was really startled! I really felt cheated, but what can I do? I couldn't just refund it. Besides I really like the socks.

After that incident, I have never believed SM going on sale. It was heartbreaking that they've cheated their loyal customer, which is me. And I do think that there are still many customers that have been cheated by the said mall. Next time, I will try not to fall for their fiesta like event, and I will not be deceived by their so-called "Grand Sale." But of course, I'll still be an avid customer they used to know, and I still love them.
"Here at SM, we got it all for you" (^.^)V
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  1. Thanks Stella for liking this one. =)

  2. i totally agree, just like sir. Dixie said..remember?? anyway,you should at least talked to the manager and make some scene, LOL!!! just kidding..:))-danielle miras (just borrowed my ate's account)

  3. YES YES!!! Haha! I don't want center of attention! LOL! =))

    Thanks danielle!!! miss you!!!