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Aklan Adventures: The Wake of My Grandmother

I'm sharing again to all of you another hair-raising experience of mine when I visited Aklan about two years ago to attend the wake of my late grandmother.

Two years ago (March 2008), we visited Aklan to celebrate Holy Week, where we always participate in the procession. During that time, my grandmother was lying in her bed, very weak, but still managed to lived despite her senility. We enjoyed our stay there, and we even went to Boracay to wind up and to tan a little. We really savored the goodness of our stay in Aklan that time. After a week, we had to return home because I still have my senior graduation practice, and I couldn't miss that one.

I had graduated and here came my summer vacation.

One afternoon, after cycling with a friend, I went straight home to relax my tired feet. When my cousin got home after some hours, she had an improtant announcement--sad and heartbreaking. My grandmother died a month after we visited her. Thus, we had to book another flight going to Aklan to attend her wake. It was a rough flight because when we reached near Panay Island, it was raining. The ambiance really went along with the death of my grandmother. I was with my mother and cousin by the way.

My elder cousin picked us up in the airport. And while in the car, I didn't know what to think. I was really enigmatic that time because of the things that had happened. It was so sudden!

When we reached the house of my grandmother, there were a lot of people--family members, friends, and neighbors. I saw my grandmother lying in her casket. I was surprised that she was wearing very thick make-up and very pink lipstick. I was like "FOR REAL?" LOL! Anyway, moving on, the environment was kind off heavy during that time, and the air was so stuffy inside the house, it was probably because of the many visitors.

When my grandmother was to be buried, I was wearing a very nice attire, matched with my anime-like, spiky hair and cool shades. My cousin was like "WOAH! Are you going to the cemetry or what?! You're kinda hip!" I was like the center of attention that time. LOL! Everything was perfect but my shoes. I didn't bring any shoes and when my father arrived there, he brought me my black school shoes! I was like OKAY??! It didn't match with what I was wearing. So I ended up wearing my uncle's small sneakers that nearly killed my poor feet. I was actually having a hard time walking, and I couldn't wait to remove that shoes off of my feet.

After that busy day, we ended up really tired and mournful, especially my grandfather who loved her so much. I stayed there for two weeks because I felt like staying there even longer. And I never thought that I would experience unbelievable creepy things after my grandmother's death.

One day, my cousin, together with her two daughters, invited me to go out and explore the city of Kalibo... and that's just what we did. It was getting late and dark. We have to drop off one of her girls to rest in their house since she had a fever during that time, and we still have to go to a fiesta.

It was 8 in the evening that we left their house. And in order to reach my grandfather's house, we had to cross a very dark street. On our way, I was really shocked and my eyes widened because I saw a "somehow glowing" old man walking along the dark street. I still couldn't believe what I saw. It freaked me out.

When we reached my grandfather's house, my cousin went in alone to ask my aunt to allow me to go to the plaza, and that we might be going home late. My niece and I was left alone in the car. We were getting scared because it was pitch-black outside and there was no people around. Suddenly, a wild carabao ran really fast. We got scared because we didn't know where it appeared and where it went. I told myself, "could it be paranormal?" After some minutes, my cousin went back and told us that the brother of my grandfather died too! It was a week after my grandmother had died! I was creeped out because he told me that the man I saw would probably be the brother of my grandma. My heart throbbed quickly!

The horror didn't stop there. One night, as I was alone watching Bubble Gang, I didn't notice how intense the bark of the dogs were because I keep on laughing really hard! My cousin called me and told me to sleep early. When I turned off the tv and went to bed, she told me that the dogs were barking weirdly in the middle of the night. Probably, the spirits of my grandmother and her brother were lingering around the house. It was scary! And when I started to sleep, I felt my ankles getting colder. Honestly, it freaked me out. I never thought that ghosts could possibly exist. May their souls rest in peace.

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