Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Weight Gain Story

During the whole 3 weeks of our Semester break, I actually tried to improve my physique. And here's my story...

I'm actually an ectomorph, a physical condition where you have this small body frame, and you appear really thin. YEP! That's how my body appears. Before, I'm actually 106-107 lbs in weight, which is pretty disproportional for my height (5'5 1/2") and age (never mind. LOL!). Well bottom line is, I'm underweight and it has been hard for me to gain some weight because I have a really fast metabolism--more on catabolism I would say.

(These are all the body types...)

Being in the industry where you get to become a frontliner in the future (events organizers, cabin crews, tour guides, attendants, etc.) made me want to look even better, more proportional. So I took Nutrimeal Wild Strawberry Protein Shake by USANA (which costs 1,500.00 php each) for 10 days during my vacation, and started to do some minor exercises (I couldn't possibly weight barbells--too heavy for me) like pilates, stretching, crunches, and dumbbell exercises. The said product actually has 2 purpose--either you lose or gain weight, but in my case, it would be for weight gain.

(Nutrimeal Protein Shake by USANA in 4 different flavors)

I took Nutrimeal twice a day (after breakfast and after dinner). I sometimes blend it with melons or bananas with milk, but I drink it plain more often (and it tastes... ugh!--intolerable even if it is strawberry-flavored, especially if it isn't blended with crushed ice). But of course I wanted to gain weight that's why I have to bear with its blandness. I also started eating 5 times a day (more on carbs).

So after 10 days, I gained like 6 or 7 lbs, thus making my weight 112-113 lbs! HURRAY!!! By the way, I was just informed that this was the same product Paris Hilton is using to stay normal (well she looks anorexic to me). LOL!

So there you have it, my weight gain story of success. WHUT?! LOL!

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