Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why did I suddenly decide to become a Blogger?

Greetings to the Colorful World of Fun and Happiness!!!

Hi! My name's Carl Ernest (and of course for privacy I wouldn't spill out my surname. LOL! But if you do know, well that's fine.) And I'm a Proud Pinoy--yeah right.

(...and yeah, that's me. ='3)

I'm a student at the "Very" University (as what my 1st year English teacher would say, and judging by my uniform, you would easily recognize the University in which I attend), taking up B.S. Tourism because someday I would love to be a part of an Airline Company and savor all the travel benefits included. LOL!

So why did I suddenly decide to become a Blogger?

First, I want to tell many different stories--of my life or anything under the sun. I tell you, I love to talk and talk to my friends and family. And in order for me to preserve those random ideas that suddenly pops out on my mind, why not just blog it? Besides it's also like telling stories to the people. Right?

Second, I want to hone my talent in writing. In this way, I could review my past blogs and see compare how I write before (if it sucks or if it's strangely composed). And did you know that by doing stuffs like this will stimulate your brains, making you mentally healthy because

"our minds are like gardens, as we tend it well, abundant plants and beautiful flowers will bloom, but if we degrade our minds with the seed of knowledge, nothing will happen."

Third, it would be likely awesome if I would be able to inspire some people who has read my blogs. Besides, this blog, as I planned it to be, would be inspirational, optimistic, as well as my (ehem!) Simple Life (as what my blog title would suggest).

Fourth, this would surely keep me preoccupied during my stagnant times. LOL! And will make me a functional person in the society! (WHAT?!) LOL!
God Bless us all!

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