Saturday, July 31, 2010

The mysticism of Mhay's Shoes

I never realized how a pair of shoes would affect my psychological make-up the entire day.

It happened a week ago when I attended a seminar for journalism (where we met F. Sionil as I've mentioned in my previous blog). Last Saturday, under the not-so-burning heat of the morning sun, all CJ's (that's how CTHM Journal members are addressed) were waiting for everybody to come. I actually came the last minute, as well as my friend/classmate/CJ-mate, Ms. Charmaine Orejola, Mhay for short (but she's waaay late than me. LOL!). Until she arrived with her Korean-looking attire, matching her innocent look and modest gestures. But wait... There is something wrong with her attire, (...browsing...) it's her SHOES!!! Look, I'm not really into minding others' style, it's just that her shoes is making me lose my sanity because I think it's kind off... different? Take a look:

Other people may perceive this pair of shoes as normal as the other shoes, or others might not even mind it at all, but not me. I consider myself having a so-called "Obsessive Compulsive Behavior" (not Disorder because I'm still normal, right?). Going on... Apparently, it affected my psychological make-up that whole day. It may be weird, but I really can't help myself minding it every time I get a glimpse of it. If you just saw me that day, I was starring at it and really focusing to it with my straight face like a totally crazy person.

I asked her "Anong trip mo?!" (What's with you?!), then she told me that she have two pairs of that same style of shoes but different in color, and she wanted to experiment on how people would react to it if she'll wear both colors (isn't it Mhay?). And I believe I reacted too much to the extent that my eyes are utterly glued to it (I just can't help it! LOL!), and I'd say she succeeded in her experiment (especially to me! O_o).

Oh well, the power of her shoes to distort people's mind is still a mystery for me (or is it?). LOL!

By the way, this blog is dedicated to Charmaine Orejola (Mhay) because she wanted exposure?!? Just kidding! LOL! V(^o^)V

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