Saturday, July 10, 2010

As Busy as Honeybees

The pressure is on.

Being a 3rd year college student is no far from being a worker because of our EVENTS MANAGEMENT. It is actually the highlight of our first semester because it is gravely serious--and I mean it. And yeah, we feel like career persons because most of us are appointed with titles and positions for this event, only that we don't have a salary. It's like we are doing this for the sake of getting an A+. Our grade greatly depends on this event that's why we are trying our very best to meet the expectations, not only of our teacher, Sir Arnel, but also the (future) guests as well. And now, we are like honeybees, buzzing around, very busy when it comes to planning and preparations.

I was appointed as the Administrative Committee Head, and it is not just as simple as many would think. Being one of the head means taking the burdens of the minor committees such as the personnel and logistic. Though the final say will be on the Chairperson, still I have to do some decision making before I propose it to him. It's not easy deciding because you have to take note of the external and internal factors that might affect the outcome of the event proper.

Well I'm not going to be a blabbermouth and squeal the information of our event. So it's still confidential, but after the event, I may post in my blog the happenings of our event.

Yesterday, when I took my siesta, I dreamt of our events. I was really surprised that in my dream, we are not taking the flow of the program seriously. Everything's not in accordance to our plan! We were fooling around like little kids and everything was a mess. When I woke up, I said to my self, it's a NIGHTMARE! So guys (3T5), if you are reading this. Let's not let this happen, let's not turn our event into chaos, alright?

Good Luck to us then.

By the way, at this moment (1:30 pm, July 10, 2010, Saturday), our event proposal is now SOLID! Ta ta!

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