Friday, April 15, 2011

My Seoul Tour Journal (Day 4)

AMETHYST SHOWCASE (Around 9:00 am)

I promised myself yesterday that I won’t buy anything today. But that didn’t happen. Our first destination is the Amethyst Showcase. When we got to the place, I was struck by the beauty and grandeur of the amethysts. They actually had a big amethyst decorated and it was magnificent. When we got to the store, there are plenty of jewelries that they sell, ranging from necklaces/rings/bracelets to cell phone charms. And yes, I bought one cell phone charm (cross), which can be converted into a necklace. It cost me around 8,000 won (with 50% discount). As I was browsing other jewelries, I saw a necklace from Winter Sonata. It was beautiful…but expensive. LOL!

63 WAX MUSEUM (Around 9:45 am)

This is what I was waiting for! I saw pictures of wax figures in the internet from Hong Kong and I was expecting it to be just like in Hong Kong. Before we could roam around the place and take pictures, we were directed first to the 5D Theater. I didn’t know that 5D existed. All I know is up to 4D only. I was so intrigued. We went inside the theater and the screen is 360 degrees! It’s not the typical flat screen used in cinemas. The short movie shown was a horror movie entitled “The Room.” I was so excited because I love horror films! The movie was scary because unlike other horror films shown in the cinema, it is coming out from the screen!!! It’s like crossing from the other side of the screen to the other! It was terrifying that one classmate of mine cried! LOL! It was such an experience! After that, we were directed to the horror house! It was not scary unlike the 5D Theater. When we got off the horror house, we took pictures of the wax figures like Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo di Caprio, Einstein, the casts of Winter Sonata, and Michael Jackson. There are also figures of musicians and artists like Picasso, and heroes like Gandhi. Even the US President Barack Obama has a figure there! And surprisingly, the last supper was depicted as wax figures! I actually have a picture with them in their costume, pretending to be part of the last supper. LOL! Though some of the wax figures didn’t really look like the real people, I still appreciate it because it is an art and I had a lot of fun.


I was waiting for this! LOL! This time, each one of us has a stove in our tables for us to cook shabu-shabu. I really think it is fun because I haven’t tried cooking shabu-shabu yet. Aside from shabu-shabu, I got myself different dishes and lots of different drinks on a tray (I wanted to taste all!). I cooked the shabu-shabu, mixed with noodle, veggies, and lean beef, after eating my meal and ate it. Man that was such a nice meal! I was full again and I gained more energy for the rest of the day.

DONGHWA DUTY FREE (Around 1:00 pm)

Before proceeding to our next destination which is the NANTA Show, we first passed by Donghwa Duty Free to have a little shopping. I bought 3 boxes of chocolate because those are the only things I could afford during that time, but originally I planned to buy perfumes for my parents (Maybe next time). HEHE! We passed by a lot of high-end establishments there like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, CK, etc.

NANTA SHOW (Around 1:30 pm)

I’m so excited to see this show because according to reviews, it’s one of the best shows in Korea, or event the best among others. At first I thought, how would I appreciate this show if I don’t understand Korean? We’ll see… It is not a free sitting, and you will have to sit based on the seat number indicated in your ticket. Phones and cameras should be turned off. When the show started, I thought it was like the Miso Traditional Show because of their opening, but this one’s different. It was lively upbeat and comical. The story board was so unique and really funny because it is more of performance—acting and dancing, not dialogue. I was actually laughing so hard because they’re like anime when they act. In Tagalog, I could regard them as “kenkoy,” but cute. They also make some of the audience participate in stage. It was so cute and fun to watch. But the wild and steamy part would be during the end when they were beating drums with splashes of water. It was so lively and awesome! It was indeed a unique show. Two thumbs up for them. Up until now, I couldn’t forget the “A-paaaaaaaaang… Swoooosh” part. It was hilarious!


Another shopping… Should I be happy? I’m so bankrupted! LOL! Before we could arrive there, we used the underpass with lots of establishments ranging from gadgets to fashion. When we got here, I was amazed of how big the shopping district was. And there are a lot of people because it was KOREA GRAND SALE YEAR! Because the place was so crowded, it is inevitable for us to lose each other. My friend and I explored the place. We saw lots of shoes, bags, cosmetic products, height-increase insoles, branded apparels, restaurants, food stalls, and many more! It’s like Divisoria of the Philippines, only cleaner and more pleasing. If you can’t stand crowded places like this, this is not for you, but if you enjoy shopping in this kind of places, then Myeong Dong is a place to be—highly recommended. As we were exploring the place, I got hungry and tried the bread with croissant-like texture and has a custard cream filling inside. It was so delicious!!! I’m not kidding! When I saw my other friends, we went inside the mall to check for restrooms, then one of my friends saw a wig outlet and bought an extension, just like what my previous classmates bought. She had it put on her hair while I went to look for a rest room. I feel like an alien walking alone inside the mall. They were staring at me. Finally I found a restroom! But when I got back to the wig store, my friends were gone!!! That terrified me. But instead, I left the mall alone and went back to our meeting point in Shinsegae. As I was making my way, I saw my other classmates and walked with them. We took a lot of pictures even in the underpass. I was surprised to see a store of shoes that cost 5,000 won only per shoes! It’s like only 200 pesos when converted. I didn’t buy of course because all available are ladies shoes only—winter boots, flats, heels, etc. There was even a Filipina whom we met as others were buying shoes in that particular store. She was buying like bundle of shoes. We return to the bus with all our bought items, feeling the guilt of overspending. LOL!

CELEBRATION @ LA MIR (Around 7:00 pm)

It was our last night in La Mir Hotel that’s why during dinner, they prepared wine for us to toast. It was an emotional night for all of us, including our tour guides because tomorrow will be our last day in Korea. During the night, my classmates and I didn’t sleep early because we want to relish our last night in the hotel. We were in the corridor doing photo shoots, and having fun, until our noises became uncontrollable, disturbing other people (SORRY!). Because of that we were all sent back to our respective rooms to take a rest. That night, I arranged all my things because we will check-out from the hotel tomorrow morning (I will surely miss La Mir Hotel). I felt sad that night because our trip to Korea will finally come to an end tomorrow evening.

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