Friday, April 15, 2011

My Seoul Tour Journal (Day 3)


After breakfast from the Hotel, we went to a Kimchi making school to make our own Kimchi! At around 9:30 am, we arrived at the school. We put on our aprons, and each of us was given cabbage (or was it lettuce?) and chili to put on. The teacher thought us the procedures of how to make a Kimchi, translated by Julia. I never realized how easy it was to make a kimchi. Even I can make it using local ingredients in the Philippines. All we had to do is to spread the chili in each layer of the cabbage and wrap it using its last leaf. That simple! The teacher actually praised my work. She said mine was beautiful. After that we donated the Kimchi to their school. I ordered 2 packs of Kimchi (one normal, one ginseng). We then proceeded to wear Korea’s national costume—the Hanbok. I actually tried two costumes! We had our picture taken. It was so much fun because we pretended to be characters from Korean Dramas such as Jang Geum, Ju Mong, Hwang Jini, etc.

GINSENG OUTLET (Around 10:30 am)

We went to a local Ginseng Outlet where we learned many facts about ginseng. The establishment was really nice, decorated with ginseng. There was a mini museum where it states the facts about Korean ginseng, which claims to be the best ginseng in the world. In order to get the best of ginseng, you have to wait until 6 years (that’s quite a lot of time!). Aside from its health benefits, it also has properties that will make ones skin clear and beautiful. Ginseng sold in that outlet could either be in a form of root, powder, or syrup. It could be put in milk, tea, soup, etc. It’s quite expensive to buy ginseng (like 3,000 pesos when you convert to Php). So I didn’t bother buying it. Instead, I’ll just buy green tea. It’s cheaper and somehow, has the same effect as ginseng (I think?).

FACE SHOP (Around 11:20 am)

S. Korea is well-known for its cosmetics, both for men and women. When we got to Face Shop, there were lots of cosmetic products ranging from facial care, make-ups, bb creams, and lotions. I actually bought a lot for my mother (bb creams, face masks/packs, and facial wash) so that she won’t order in Korea for some months (which is kind of expensive because it still has delivery fee). The sales persons were demonstrating their new products even though they are having a little hard time speaking in English. I was browsing their product lines and noticed something—the endorsers were mostly men! Like Ji Hoo from BOF. I spent a lot of money there (like 60,000+ won), but I think it’s all worth it because Face Shop in Korea is cheaper than in the Philippines.

JOGYESA TEMPLE and LUNCH @ EL MARETA (Around 12:50 pm)

We didn’t really spend so much time in Jogyesa Temple. We just stopped by because it is a walking distance from El Mareta Restaurant. Even if it’s noon time, the temperature was comparable to a fridge! What we did in there is we took pictures with the monks inside. They were funny and approachable unlike Chinese monks (unapproachable) according to a Chinese classmate. When our picture was taken, we all shouted “Kimchi!” but when the monks asked what is its counterpart in the Philippines it was “Bagoong!” That was really funny because the monks were having hard time pronouncing it. They even misheard it as mango. After that, we went directly to the restaurant to eat our lunch. It was such a nice place—beautiful ambiance, nice set-up, and presentable buffet! I ate what I think is delicious. My plate was full of different dishes, and another plate for desserts. The food was mouth-watering and scrumptious. The dessert was really good that it tickles one’s palette (I love the mango mousse! Perfect!). After consuming it all, I ate yoghurt ice cream, which I find nice at first but as is melts, I thought it was repulsive. My stomach was really full that I wanted to throw up. But I didn’t want to waste the food I’ve eaten so I just waited until it was all digested. When we were done, we went outside to wait for our bus. The temperature outside dropped and it became colder during the afternoon.

INSADONG (Around 2:30 pm)

We had our walking tour (on our own) in Insadong, a shopping district with antique shops. It is like a street of shops but more on souvenirs, cosmetic products, and ceramics. We are suggested not to buy things here because it is expensive. But then I still bought a set of mini tea cups for 4,000 won (which I thought is cheap). Since I’m with a friend, who is a girl, we visited lots of cosmetic shops like Etude and Face Shop (There were numerous of them!!!). At one point, I felt the urge of peeing so I asked one Korean saleslady in one particular shop where the nearest restroom is. She didn’t understand it so I used other terms like toilet, C.R., comfort room, etc. And do you know what she answered me?—“Is that a brand?” Waaaah! I feel like demonstrating to her the “peeing act,” but I might get slapped! LOL! So we asked other people the nearest restroom and they told us it is near the shopping mall, thus I was relieved (Sigh!).

DOOSAN TOWER/ DOOTA (Around 3:40 pm onwards)

Finally, we are shopping in a mall! When we got to Doota, I was at awed of how large the tower was. The architectural designed was unique and nice. First, Julia explained to us each floors of the mall and brought us to 6th or 7th floor (I think?), where souvenirs are sold. I actually recognize something familiar in the souvenir shop. It was the set of mini tea cups I bought in Insadong. When I check its price, it’s like 2,500 won only! And I got mine for 4,000 won!!! (T_T) I really felt defeated and weak when I discovered that! HUHU! Oh well, there was so much to shop. I got over it and bought many souvenirs. Shirts for my family, phone charms for my friends, chop sticks, magnets, Korean fan, and a decorative plate for my daddy. I also went to some cosmetic shops (such as Skin Food and Atrium) and bought Laneige bb cream (as instructed by my mother) which cost me a lot (like 30,000 won!). In that particular shop also, I was actually mistaken as Chinese! Because of that, they gave me an instruction to go to the Tax Free Redemption for foreigners (Wow! I never realized that I was a foreigner! LOL!) to fill up some forms in order for them to return the tax they have collated from me. I went to the wig shop and saw my classmates there. Some actually bought extensions! It was bizarre, but when I saw their transformation, I was at awe! They’re starting to look like celebrities! LOL! I went down to the 4th floor and checked men’s apparel. There was actually a guy who tried to sell me this nice coat, and he talked to me in Korean. I was just quiet, giving him nods, thanked him and went away. His face was like sad (imagine an anime character doing it) when I went away. I wasn’t able to explore the whole mall that’s why I wasn’t able to buy perfumes and a wallet. Tsk! While we were waiting outside for our bus, Julia showed us her newly bought dress worth 100 Usd! Expensive, right? But she told us that it’s cheap at 50% off. We were like (O_o).

DINNER in a LOCAL RESTO then BACK @ LA MIR (Around 6:30 pm)

We ate Korean Pork Barbeque, but this time it has a broth, unlike before. The food was really delicious. It has a mixed of veggies and pork. We were actually the ones who are cooking it because the stove is just in our table. It was such a nice experience and the boiling of the food warmed us all. After eating, we were all exhausted and went back to the hotel for some rest. During the night, I organized my luggage, putting all the things I bought for the day. And while doing so, I ate an instant noodle I brought along from the Philippines because I felt so hungry (I don’t know why). I was so tired that I didn’t take a bath. I just washed my face and went to sleep.

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