Friday, April 15, 2011

My Seoul Tour Journal (Day 2)

GOOD MORNING SEOUL!!! (02-24-11, 7:00 am)

Good Morning Seoul! It was actually the Administrative Committee (us) who is assigned to do the wake up call at around 6:30 am. Unfortunately, my cell phone was discharged and that means no alarm. Good thing my roommate was able to get up like quarter to 7 am and he woke me up (I can’t imagine myself not having an alarm every morning. It would be devastating!). And good thing our OIC, Mhay, knocked our room for the wake up call. I was actually the one who did it. I called all rooms and reminded them to be on time. We went at the 11th floor of the hotel for our breakfast around 7:30 in the morning. I’m really excited for this day because we’re going to Everland! But before that we’ll drop by Suwon Hwasung Castle and Fortress. 8:30 am was our call time to board the bus and as we got outside the hotel, it was really freezing!!! We departed least because of some delays, Fr. Roy is somehow upset, but he’s too nice to be angry at us, and instead of making the ambiance dead, he told us good news back in the Philippines, which brightened our day.


Suwon Hwasung Castle & Fortress was like a miniature Great Wall of China because of the very long, walled walkway. It is considered as a World Heritage (according to the signage) because the structure was preserved and the landscape was breath-taking. I wasn’t able to finish walking the very long road due to time-constrain (of course we didn’t want to lessen our time in Everland!) that’s why we only took pictures and climbed down to board our bus, however same issue again—delay due to lack of time management of others.

EVERLAND! (11:30 am)

After our cultural experience in Suwon, we went directly to the highlight of the day—Everland, Korea’s largest theme park! I’m so excited because I’ve seen the place in Arirang, and I saw a lot of crazy rides there! Compared to Enchanted Kingdom, it is bigger in area, more rides, and more high-tech. It is situated in a mountain that’s why when we got up, there’s a weird sensation happening in our ears due to the thinning of pressure (if my memory serves me right). Before going to the place, we still have to ride a shuttle. The shuttle was really cool. It was like a public utility bus of in other countries. When we arrived there, we were given a map of it, as well as our meal stub for lunch. After Julia gave us some briefings, she directed us to the cable ride (like when you ski?) going downhill. And when we reached the bottom, we hurriedly went to the line of one of the grandest ride in Everland—the T Express, the first wooden roller coaster, debuted in 2006. We thought that the line was just quick, but when we got inside the entrance, the waiting time was 1 hour and 30 minutes!!! We didn’t bother to leave the line because we’re already there and we really wanted to try the ride. While waiting, my classmates and I were just goofing around, talking in tagalong so that no one would understand us. It was crazy! We were laughing a lot. After the long wait (Thank God!), it was now our time to ride. And what can I say about it? It was hell crazy! It was like pulling your soul out of your body! LOL! After that crazy ride, my knees were shaking, but it was really fun. If I return to Seoul again, I’d definitely try that again. We bought our photos in a keychain form as a souvenir. It was 1:30 pm, and some of my classmates and I were really hungry that’s why we went to the cafeteria to eat tonkatsu using our food stub. What’s funny is that when I asked my friend, “Uy, ano sa’yo?” the chef replied to me, “Anneyong Hasseo!” LOL! He misheard me and thought that I was greeting in Korean. We were looking at the waiters and waitresses of that cafeteria and noticed how beautiful their skins are. Their uniforms are also cute! After eating, we roamed around the place first and saw an interesting ride—a horror house. We tried that and expected it to be really scary. The line was really long, and Thai people were looking at us (assuming that we might be Thais as well). After the long wait, there’s this moving seats with guns on it. We were so terrified to try that because we may never know what will happen. When the seats moved, we were like focused on our guns (scaredy cats! LOL!) but as we traverse it, I was like straight face “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS RIDE?!” There’s no thrill! And the purpose of the gun is to shoot the laser in order to activate the moving horrific icons—it was disappointing! A waste of time actually! After that lame ride, we tried looking for a ride with lesser line, but there was none. Instead, we went to a souvenir shop. I bought this cute paw massager which cost me 6,000 won. After that, we went uphill via the cable ride and took videos and picture. We didn’t bother riding anything because our time’s limited. But some of my classmates were seen in different rides! I was like, c’mon, hurry up! Again, we ended up being late, but not later than the other class. That day was really fun, and exhausting. What bothers me is that I wasn’t able to take lots of picture because my camera was in my classmate’s bag, and we have not seen each other after the T-express ride. Also, I wasn’t able to ride all because we were only given 4 hours (but I promise myself to return to that place again!). We went back to the hotel for our dinner.

BACK @ LA MIR (6:00 pm)

It was still sundown when we reached the hotel. When I got back to my room, I just laid my things on the bed, changed my clothes into comfortable ones (jogging pants and slippers). I did room-hopping to borrow laptop, to update my facebook and other stuff concerning the World Wide Web. By 7:00 pm, we went up to eat our dinner. As for me, I went up in my jogging pants and slippers that’s why I was sent back to my room to change in appropriate attire. After dinner, some of us need to buy something in a convenient store nearby. It was a chilly night, but no one can stop us in trying their local convenience store. The store owner thought that we were Malaysians. He doesn’t speak English much that’s why we have to act out the things we needed to buy, which I find really hilarious! I bought mochi ice cream even though it’s a cold night because it is my dream to eat that kind of ice cream…and my dream came true! Back at the hotel, we ate mochi ice cream in the room of my friend, savoring its goodness. During the night, I took a bath again to rejuvenate my senses before going to sleep. Again, another day will commence tomorrow.

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