Monday, September 24, 2012

Homemade Chamomile Tea Toner

I'm obsessed with D.I.Y projects. I want to make stuff as much as possible (well except for stitching, haha!). But what I like doing most are different concoctions for skincare or for household use. For me it's a good way not only to save money but also to help in saving our deteriorating environment because you get to recycle stuff. Also it unleashes the creative side of me, which is cool. So in this particular blog post, I'm going to teach you how to make a chamomile tea toner for a healthy and brighter skin. It's very easy to make, believe me. ;-)

You will need a chamomile teawitch hazel toner (Dickinson's brand or not), and a spray bottle. That's just it!

First step: Brew the chamomile tea and let it cool.

Second step: Pour witch hazel toner in the spray bottle until it fills 1/4 of the bottle (but you can still make some adjustments depending on your preference). This will serve as the astringent property of the homemade chamomile toner.

Third step: Pour the chamomile tea in the bottle until full. Shake the bottle and it's ready to use! You can either directly spray it on your face or on a cotton pad.

(Note: Don't waste the remaining chamomile tea because you can still drink it, besides it is also a source of antioxidants which fight free radicals!)

Chamomile has a lot of benefits when directly applied to the skin. It has healing properties--antiseptic and anti-inflammatory--meaning it is also good for treating acne problems. Not only that because according to some sources from the internet, chamomile can also lighten the skin. It is also said to sooth sunburnt skin and eczema and it may also speed healing and prevent bacterial infection. (source)

Who says you can only drink teas? This homemade chamomile tea toner is not only easy to make, but it is also free from harmful chemicals. You can find chamomile tea at any local grocery while the Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner can be bought at any Healthy Options branch. Good luck!

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