Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Super Good Deal NIKE Shoes

This blog post may probably be late but still I wanted to share my experience last June 23, 2012, Saturday when Agility Center (near NAIA) announced that there would be a big sale of Nike products up to 80% from June 22 to July 1, 2012.

(Here's the poster I got from Manila Shopper blog)

Since I live within the vicinity of the said location and that it's only the second day of sale, I was confident that I'd still be able to find and even select a the perfect training shoes for me with the right fit. Size is usually the main concern when it comes to a big shoe sale like this especially on the last days of sale.

My mother and I arrived at the Agility Center at around 10:30 am and I was surprised that the there was a long line of people outside the building! I didn't expect that it would be that crowded. The heat outside was so intense, luckily I brought my umbrella. We waited outside for like two hours until the guard let us in (finally!), and to my surprise there was a concertina-like (snake movement) line inside the gate! I thought our suffering outside was over.

Inside the gate, we waited for another two hours just to be able to select items. It was like a depot of shoes and other sportswear, and it was hot inside. People were like on a battle as they select shoes; my mother and I joined the war. Since I already know what kind of shoes to choose, I didn't really have a hard time. Fortunately there were shoes of my size. I also helped my mother in choosing running shoes.

(My Nike Flywire Structure 14; Size 8.5; Discounted at 50%)

As I was helping my mother in choosing a suitable shoes for her, I saw a nice red sneakers and I thought it was meant for me. I asked my mother if she could buy it for me and I was glad that she agreed (of course I'll be sharing it with my brother!). My only concern is the size. It says that it's Size 9, US, but it turned out smaller than my 8.5 Flywire, though it still fits. Oh well, as long as it looks nice.

(Nike Red Sneakers; Size 9; Discounted at 50%)

We were done at around 2:00 pm, starving. My mother and I were really overwhelmed by how inexpensive the Nike products were and found out that we fell short of money. Good thing my father was on his way to pick us up (to the rescue!). It was such an experience! Even though the long, exaggerated line was annoying, we still end up having really good deal shoes so I guess our suffering was well compensated. ;-)

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