Thursday, July 12, 2012

A BUM's Life

Yes, I have been unemployed or should we say 'BUM' ever since I graduated from college. But it doesn't mean that society should look down on me for being such.

So I felt the urge of sharing to everyone, especially to those who are yet to graduate, a glimpse of what is like to be a bum--is it really that a bad thing?

It's been four months now since I've stayed at home (as a bum) because I don't have a job yet. Is it a choice? Maybe. I always know what I wanted in life: to be a cabin crew. It may sound simple to some (or many) people, but that's not always the case. To become one means "to go through the eye of a needle". It's not easy, unless you are born SUPERFICIAL combined with INTELLIGENCE. And apparently I'm not a superficial being. But still my heart tells me to pursue it no matter what it takes because it is what will make me happy. That's why I decided to take some rest (for some months until I'm 21) to prepare...a lot. Besides, I can never go to a battle without bullets for my gun, and an armor for my body.

So for me, being bum means 'preparing oneself'. I'm a kind of person who doesn't rush because I'm being pressured by society, society that dictates "you should have a decent job right after graduation because you were one of the top students, and if you don't, I'll look down on you. Wahahaha!" (crazy dramatization). Also, I have this idea that when I start working, I might not be able to do the things I wanted to do because of my commitments.

So what have I been doing, eh?

I've been doing the things I love like watching anime/K-series and movies all day, reading novels (in order to sharpen my depleting brain cells), going out with my family and friends, surfing the net like there's no tomorrow, and blogging my heart's content (like what I'm doing right now). Typical bum, hehe!

Then how am I preparing?

My main concern would be my physique. Since my body type is ectomporph, it is very hard for me to gain weight and mass. That's why I decided to consult a fitness trainer to help me work on it. With the right nutrition and an active lifestyle, in some months I'll have a more proportional body and an increase in weight. Yep, I've been building muscles and strength for some months now. I've also engaged myself into swimming because it's definitely an overall body workout, plus it is an advantage in becoming a cabin crew. I'm also learning the right nutrition for me. From 115 lbs, I'm currently 120 lbs (and going!). Apart from improving my physique, I also underwent basic life support and first aid training a month ago under Red Cross for me to be equipped with the knowledge of saving people in the most basic way.

Am I not pressured that most of my peers are already working?

I'd be lying if I say that there's no pressure in my part. Sometimes I feel envy that some of them are happily working. I'm also worried of what my professor told us before that not because he/she was the top student of the batch, he/she becomes the most successful of them all--that's not always the case. Scary, right? But still at the back of my mind, there's a voice telling me not to be affected by those things because it will just pull me down, instead focus on what I think is right and I should be doing right now. As the old Irish proverb says, "It takes time to build a castle".

Then I realized that being bum isn't bad at all. It makes you cherish the simple things in life because you don't worry about going to work the next day. In addition to that, being bum gears toward more realizations which can actually lead to self-actualization. (I'm an optimist, you know! Hehe!)

Too prepared before having a job? Maybe. ;-)

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  1. clapyty-clap-clap for you...i can relate super...

  2. Hello Carl! just leaving a quote that pulls the positivism in me.

    "We dont plan shoot then plan opportunities, we plan opportunities then shoot" :)

    So, you're doing just fine! I believe in your greatness like how you believed in me too! God bless! Never lose HOPE, I'm here ;)