Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Skincare 101: Easy-to-make and All Natural "Golden Liquid"

I once encountered a saying that "There are no ugly people in this world, only lazy ones." And I somehow agree with that because in order to look and feel beautiful, one should definitely exude more effort in doing so. And it all starts by being comfortable with our own skin...literally

I've always been in search of skincare products suitable for my skin from the most expensive down to those which are affordable. I've tried many products but unfortunately, I felt that they weren't healthy for my skin because of its NUMEROUS CHEMICAL CONTENT which may lead to dryness, itchiness, and worse, more breakouts! That's why it is a must for you to know your skin type first before trying any skincare products because different skins have different needs.

I got really tired of finding the right products for my skin because there was no improvement at all, that's why I resorted to natural products which surprisingly can be found in anybody's kitchen -- Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Green Tea, and Apple Cider Vinegar, which I called the "GOLDEN LIQUID" not only because of its color, but because for me it was a precious discovery.

(Homemade toner, moisturizer, and facial spray)

My skin has never looked this better. It's blemish-free, radiant, and healthy. All thanks to these homemade skincare remedies. Plus, it is free from those harmful chemicals.

The rule in a basic skincare regimen is you cleanse, tone, and moisturize. The following are some D.I.Y tutorials for your own natural toner, moisturizer, and facial spray:

As for the toner, you will need green tea (brewed for at least 30 mins), apple cider vinegar, and a container. Green Tea is said to be rich in antioxidant which is good for your skin, while the Apple Cider Vinegar, which is made from apples, has a cleansing properties that detoxifies and purifies your skin. It also balances the pH level of the skin as it heals blemishes such as pimples (you can even use it as a spot treatment). What I do is that I pour 1/6 ACV in a container and 5/6 Green Tea. If you have oily skin, you can add more ACV depending on your preference. Refrigerate to prolong its lifespan. You can use it for 2-3 weeks.

After toning, you should moisturize. As for the moisturizer, you will need extra virgin olive oil (the least processed of all olive oils), and vitamin E gel capsule (1 piece), and an airless pump bottle. Extra virgin olive oil or EVOO will provide a long-lasting shield of moisture, making your skin glowing, smooth, and supple. In ancient times, Cleopatra is believed to have used olive oil to massage her face. Don't worry, according to Journal, it is an essential oil that doesn't clog your pores. Pour the EVOO in a container. Prick the gel capsules and put the vit. E oil in the container, and voila! It's kind of heavy for a moisturizer that's why I only use it during the night. What I do is I pump the bottle once and rub it between my palms to warm it up. Instead of rubbing it on my face, I gently pat and slap it to stimulate my skin. Other people use it to massage their faces as well.

And lastly for the facial spray, you will only need green tea and a spray bottle. What I usually do is I use the remaining brewed tea after making the toner so that it won't go to waste. I just put it in the spray bottle and refrigerate it to prolong its lifespan. Use it anytime and anywhere you want to be refreshed. Green tea is also proven to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

These homemade skincare remedies are really some treasure. I have been using this for a week now, and I'm just wowed by the results. If you feel like nothing works for your skin, you only need some time and effort to look for these great ingredients in the supermarket. It's safe, easy-to-find, affordable, and most importantly, it works! \(^o^)/

Good Luck!


  1. Is this diy product suitable to all skin type? I'm 30 years old can i use this? How is the smell?

  2. I believe it is since it's very gentle. I do have an oily skin but it works perfectly for me. Yep, no matter what age you are, you are welcome to use this for the fact that it contains NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. The toner smells really bad because of the apple cider vinegar no matter how minimal you put, it will smell terribly. But the rest, they smell fine. =)

  3. Hi Carl, could you give me an idea where can i buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Apple Cide Vinegar. And can i use any brand of green tea? like lipton? or chinese brand? Thanks God bless ^.^

  4. Where will I get green tea >_< and I wonder where I'll find the extra virgin olive oil in the market.

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